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Top 6 Benefits of an Interactive Website for Your Business

Top 6 Benefits of an Interactive Website for Your Business

Thursday October 31, 2019,

3 min Read

A brick-and-mortar shop allows you to talk to your customer, understand his needs and offer products and services accordingly, but with digital media and e-commerce, this interaction has lost its place, though not its value. Customers still seek interaction and it is up to the business person to reach out and provide it with the help of a website designing company. If a consumer gets what he wants, it builds trust and the foundation of a long-lasting relationship.

This relationship starts with an interactive website, which cohesively combines various software to engage the consumers and leave them feeling positive about their experience. The various interactive actions could be playing a video, skipping an ad, sharing the content, providing information, leaving a review, voting for or against, playing a game, using a tool or simply searching.

What benefits does a consumer see in using an interactive website as against a static website?

Helps in Understanding the Consumer

As mentioned above, digital growth has made communication completely mechanical and the personal touch is missing. An interactive website design company works to rebuild that relationship where communication is easy and the consumer can express his opinions through sharing, commenting and leaving a review. If there is a doubt, the consumer can communicate through a chat bot or leave a request on the ‘Contact Us’ page

Builds Trust

As the consumers have a good experience once, they are likely to come back repeatedly. Starting with smaller investments towards trust, they will be able to reach a position where the trust is enough to give greater business.

Higher Conversion Rates

By increasing trust and engagement, the interactive websites work on the psyche of the consumers and impress upon them that all is well. When the consumer is comfortable, they proceed through the conversion funnel and finally become paying customers.


An interactive website that needs a customer to login stores enough information to know the potential of the business they can get from a customer. This also works towards personalizing the content as per the profile, making the experience more fruitful. Customers look for the following when on a website –

  • Direct them to the right page by utilizing the search function or well-structured menus
  • Present better and relevant content
  • Provide tempting and feasible offers

Increased Brand Recognition

The visitors to your website are likely to return to it if they find value in it. Different content on the website can appeal to different segments of people through different pages. This allows you to know the brand better and not just have a cursory knowledge.

Get Better Back Links for Improved SEO

A good interactive website that is consumer-friendly and interesting gathers interest from other websites as well and gains you natural backlinks from them. These accord confidence to Google as well and help improve your SEO rank

Additionally, for an interactive website designed by a website designing company in Delhi, you will find that with increased engagement rates, the bounce rates start reducing and you start getting better traffic organically as well as through your marketing efforts. This also puts you in a much better position as compared to the competition.