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TOP 6 Most Used PHP Frameworks for Web Development 2020

TOP 6 Most Used PHP Frameworks for Web Development 2020

Friday December 13, 2019,

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PHP has become one the widely used server side scripting languages for web development, more and more web developers prefer PHP frameworks for web development as it’s been faster and safer. With no need to create codes from scratch, guarantee safer development and reduce workload too since PHP has made app development faster and safer. As when you simplify code development troubles for web development and eliminate the need to run codes over and over again the process gets faster, safer, and easier.

As we seen a little while earlier in this article, PHP is a server side scripting language and it has many frameworks with it, now the question is why I should use PHP frameworks for web development? It helps in building stable application faster with complete security. That’s why PHP frameworks are more proffered, they have several frameworks some wit strong capabilities and others that outranked the old and most used frameworks over the years

So, Which PHP frameworks to work on for Web Development in 2020? Here I have mentioned a list of some PHP Frameworks that could help you to take right decision.


Laravel is one of the most trustworthy, free and open-source PHP frameworks as it’s capable of handling complex web applications with secure measures and at a faster pace compared to others. Laravel Development Services are a make simpler process with common tasks like caching, routing, authentication, etc.

Also, with its amazing features, you can customize your complicated apps. Customizations like data migration, template engine viewing, caching, etc. It is considered to be the optimum choice for complex apps as it’s easier to install it and build. Most web customers try to Hire PHP developers, who expertise in laravel when it comes to B2B or entrepreneurial websites to keep evolving with trends.


Being around for more than 12 years, Codelgniter has become a favorite PHP framework over the years because of its small size and it makes coding simpler and development faster. Even beginners can set it up as it comes with a simple setup procedure. Illustrated database, high speed, libraries, built-in security questions, data abstraction, and active community support are other benefits of Codelgniter Development Services.

You can Hire PHP Application Developer, to speed up your development and get you a solid performance with its lighter and faster application development.


CakePHP has a 100% rearward compatibility which makes it upgradable, and which makes it the best choice for making a rich and visually appealing website, with a simple approach. You can simply install it with a copy of the framework and web server.

It has high-security compute including cross-site scripting (XSS) protection, prevention of SQL injection and CSRF protection with input validation, so overall it’s a go-to for commercial applications and it has various other features like proper class inheritance, validation, security, fast build and documentation, support, support portals, etc which just speaks in favor of CakePHP development services.


Even after being one of the oldest PHP frameworks, Symfony development services is the most grown-up and reliable platforms as it is the only PHP framework that follows PHP and web standards in a accurate manner. It is believed a high performance, stable and well-documented framework for modular projects.

Many features like reusable elements, stability, and engine independent database make it worth using and also get you the most by its ability to compile with other vendor libraries and design patterns. The likeness between Laravel and Symfony makes it harder to determine which is better.


Yii lets you to build any web app which makes it fast and most secluded PHP frameworks, as more developers go for Yii. It has an enormous community which makes it easier to get help and support during any project. They also have a core team to make development and bring out the best for the developers. Extensibility helps you to customize all the pieces even of Core’s code.

It’s more of a higher framework so it’s recommended to learn it, for beginners or when using it for the first time. Strong security features and simplified installation process makes Yii development services easier and faster. It also helps is building highly secure CMS, portals, eCommerce projects, etc.


It’s a whole object-oriented as it comes with sophisticated features like interfaces and inheritance, it more extendable. You can build high-quality websites that can be delivered to your clients, as it’s highly compatible with PHP practices and is also customizable.

Zend framework has some advanced features like MVC components, simple cloud API, and data encryption. It also allows integration with external libraries well documentation, a large community base to support, and also lets you make use of elements you want.

In all Zend framework is one of the best choices for PHP frameworks.

These are some most used PHP frameworks which will lead in 2020 and years ahead. For getting your website developed, make sure to check them and ensure which framework works best for you, meets your needs and get you the goals that you want to achieve.