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Importance of Virtual Marketing in Lead Generation

Importance of Virtual Marketing in Lead Generation

Monday July 01, 2019,

4 min Read

Social Media Marketing and Email Marketing Importance in Lead Generation

85 percent of expert marketers are of the opinion that lead generation marketing is one of the most important elements when it comes to marketing. However, only 42% of business owners plan actively. Here the question arises, what exactly is the lead generation marketing? Lead generation in the digital marketing world refers to the interest of a potential customer among your target audience for purchasing your product or services. Now, in order to capture this lead, you need to make them take the first step in your sales cycle. Marketing agencies usually see value in employing various sorts of marketing tactics which otherwise known as lead generation marketing. 

Let’s elaborate a little more. To put it in simpler words leads are those potential customers who show interest in your product and services. For capturing them various marketing tactics are employed which make the customer enroll for something online by completing a form or contacting the business directly. 

Why generating a lead is a great idea? 

If your business is not yet aware of this then you are missing out a big chunk of revenue. It is as simple and clear as water. Every business needs customers for their growth. And for fetching these customer's several marketing tactics need to be implemented. For example, marketing their products and services for getting the attention of potential customers. This is exactly where lead generation marketing comes into the scene. 

These leads are then passed on to the sales team for converting them into buying customers. This is usually done by adding them to an email list for further process. With the outgrowing technology business, development software can track the demand for your product and services. Also they predict the customer trends from the lead generation marketing data. 

The procedure of capturing lead 

Days have passed when customers used to see ads in local newspaper or magazines or televisions, and call you with inquiries for your services. The technology has expanded so much so, that the advertising platforms are allowing customers to shift their attention from traditional marketing strategies to social media marketing and email marketing strategies. 

There is a growth of numerous social media advertising and marketing platforms. From selling on social media like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram to local online stores having delivery options, marketers are dreaming big these days, since they have numerous options to choose from. 

Leads can be captured through websites 

This is done by placing a simple form on the website pages and then customers are asked to fill up the form in exchange of valuable content like an ebook, how to video, checklist and many more. 

However, customers always look forward to things that can offer value to them. 

Importance of email for capturing leads 

Most of the people don’t buy anything for the first time. Baymard Institute states that 68.07% of online shopping carts are abandoned by the first time buyers. That’s more like customers stopped by your clothing store, picked 5 pair of jeans and took them to the checkout counter then decide they won’t take the particular clothes. This is where email marketing comes in. Outside advertising there is hardly a way through which you can retarget these people. But email marketing makes the task easier for you. Once a customer subscribes to your email list you can retarget them, tell them about the clothes they liked but could not take at that time, ask them if they are still interested about that particular product. 

Importance of social media in capturing leads 

Social media these days is more than just a way of growing your brand and connect to your current customers. Social media marketing can be strictly used to generate leads for your business. And the good news is that social media is a value for money. The lead generation through it is cost effective. In fact, social media marketing is successful in reducing the costs of businesses by 45%, also, the revenues of the businesses have increased by 24% as they are using social media marketing. If you want to bring people into your sales funnel then social media is the ultimate solution to your requirement. However, before embarking on this journey, consider a few small details like 

  • Your audience preferences
  • The products you can potentially sell to them 
  • What are their pain points 
  • The process which can help you turn them into your customers

Leads generation process has really been made easier with social media.  


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