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Solutions to Improve University Training & Placement

"An interactive program to help students master professional skills in less time"

Solutions to Improve University Training & Placement

Thursday September 12, 2019,

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The primary goal of campus placements conducted by organisations is to identify skilled and qualified professionals. The Training and Placement Cells at institutions acts as a body responsible to make students job-ready before they complete their graduation. This is achieved by providing necessary skill development training programs to orient them towards the industry and workplace.

The training at campus usually includes aptitude skills, interpersonal skills, and interview preparations. These programs are aimed to make students confident enough to crack the interview and get more job opportunities in the last phase of finishing school. Also, these activities at campuses are best to reduce the ideal time for an organization to find the right talent as per their requirement.

Training & Placement vs Students

It is an unwieldy process, many students don't pay attention towards the importance to the placement training of a college/ university. They show very less interest for this because of different reasons like elementary tasks, assignments or a greater amount of exercises which is ideal for the schools, and as a major aspect of their educational program student feel that it isn't valuable.

It is the responsibility of the placement cell to prepare students for interviews & jobs, by researching, finding companies, skill requirements, on-demand technologies, and real-time training with the same helps students to show interest in placement session and which leads to achieve placement record and more campus recruitment from large industries.

Academia Learning Solutions by IIHT

Spending more time and efforts on activities resulting in least outcomes is certainly not recommended at times when skill gap is widening. So, what the best way to overcome these issues and increase placement rate to get more admissions/ campus-drive invitations from leading enterprises?

As a solution, finding an IT skill transformation partner seems to be the option both enterprises and academia are preferring. IIHT offers a wide range of such Academia Learning Solutions with job-readiness and talent transformation domains like Finishing school, Integrated Learning program, Talent on Demand for Institutions, and Enterprise.

With more than 26+ years of excellence in the IT education field and placement record of 1+million IIHT’s students and recruiters connection, It knows best about the job-market, IT requirements, skills, trending technologies, IT training programs, industries, and upcoming future changes in the IT world.

About Finishing School Program

Finishing school program is an 8-15 days skill development program by IIHT, to change college-students into successful skilled professionals. The program allows students to gain enough knowledge about the industry and workplace skills. The aim of this program is to brush up students for ‘job-ready’ with the training on-demand skills like technical skills, soft skills, mock interviews, group discussions and more, that IT recruiter look among fresh in tech hires.

Highlights and Benefits:

  • Prepares professionals out of students
  • Helps students master the skills in less time
  • Hands-on learning makes more interest and fun
  • Assessments and feedback to ensure progress per session
  • Fast-track approach to IT industry
  • Prepare for real-world jobs with the skills employers want
  • Access to our Learning Experience Platform with related digital resources available for students at beginner, intermediate and advanced levels
  • Improve college’s placement rate
  • Get more campus drive invitations
  • A fast and effective way of improvisation

To keep your students up-to-date with the skills & knowledge on trending technologies, IT employment opportunities, and to be able to crack interviews before completion of academic, this will be the right program for your students before getting ready for a campus recruitment or placement session.