How to Start Making Money Online - Social Media; a Revamped, Money-Making Machine

How to Start Making Money Online - Social Media; a Revamped, Money-Making Machine

Wednesday July 01, 2020,

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Anyone with a thousand followers is deemed a social media influencer these days, it’s still vital to know the importance of your audience and targeting techniques in order to start making money online.

Here are some important tips to learn how to build your successful brand and start churning money online:

Select a niche:

Pick something that you’re familiar with, will allow you to create enough content, your audience will be interested in learning about and will have brands running after you for collaboration.

Select your target audience & start working accordingly:

Each category has a unique way of consuming content and therefore, your style should be compatible with them and not the other way around.

Create trustability and accountability:

Don’t be afraid to talk about your personal experiences or memories. It helps in creating trust with your audience and provides accountability to your brand.

Be visible but don’t mix too many things:

People have a short attention span these days so make sure that you’re consistent with your content quality and posting.

Be creative:

There are over 3.5 billion social media users so if you’re looking to earn money online then make sure that your content is creative enough to bring more users to your brand page.

Leverage the features of different platforms to engage your audience:

60% of social media users say that they spend most time across 8 networking and messaging apps mostly. So, make sure that you’re leveraging each platform’s features to engage your audience.

Be smart with collaborations:

Collaborations are key to growth. Be smart with alliances as it could make or break your brand.

Be relatable, people will build your brand:

It’s about building a reputation with your audience trusting that they’re going to bring value to your brand. Communicate, make them feel engrossed in your brand, be compassionate, and relatable.

Don’t be afraid to experiment:

Don’t be afraid to experiment, you never know what the audience might like and make it go viral.

Cross-platform promote your brand:

Users consume different varieties of content and to make money online, you’ve to increase your visibility in the digital space.

Keep it diplomatic, no one likes a know-it-all:

It’s important to be diplomatic in your approach considering your audience wants the niche content you’re producing and not the political, social, or economical view you hold.

Clarity in language is key:

Be clear, precise, and to-the-point. Moreover, use vernacular language if your user base is mostly from a specific language speaking region.

Be subtle with your suggestions:

People expect you to be clever with your suggestions. Be stubble about how you’re going to introduce the product/service to your user base.

Don’t forget to promote your brand:

Your audience/users should remember you, and the best way to do it is by sharing your struggle stories, how you  overcame obstacles, etc. Make them promote your story

Keep an eye on future trends

Be futuristic. Study about future trends. There may lie a chance to earn more money online than you currently are.

Learn from professionals, be an entrepreneur:

Enroll for an online entrepreneurship course and learn how to make money online in a more professional way. Most people rely on these courses to learn subtetiesies of making money online.


Even though there are several ways to make money online, the most effective in-demand channel is social media these days. Easy access to the Internet, cheaper mobile phones, fast money-making options, the chance to earn fame, and many other things have given it a push.

Today, during the Coronavirus pandemic crisis, Internet usage and online user base have increased manifolds. Therein lies the opportunity to maximise your brand visibility and user base. Besides, more brands are turning their eye towards social media influencers which directly means more chances to earn money online.