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Retarget marketing can help you promote your products to the right audience

Learn the 4 ways to retarget your audience that hasn't converted even after visiting your website.

Retarget marketing can help you promote your products to the right audience

Monday September 07, 2020,

4 min Read

Many reports claim that about 97% of first-time website visitors leave your website without buying anything. And, if you do not make efforts to bring them back then they might be lost forever.

This is the reason retarget marketing is done!

Retarget Marketing is one of the most preferred campaigning in marketing to target the exact audience who have earlier visited your website or interested in your product. 

 Even results shows that retarget marketing campaign bring best and accurate results in engaging users.

If you are expecting to convert maximum results from your marketing campaign then nothing can be better than retargeting strategy.

While creating the campaign you have the option to segment consumers by their interests, or demographics details. This would help you to target a more selected audience at the right moment.  

Also, with this type of targeting, you can reach more targeted consumers who are interested in your service or products. This will also decrease the waste of money on ad spent and it also helps you take the right to move on to potential customers.

Here are a few ways and methods you can use for retargeting marketing:

Retargeting with Google Ads In-Market Audiences

Google Ad experts believe that when you are creating an ad campaign on Google, it will benefit you to target an audience that hasn’t heard of your business. In fact, Google’s in-market audience’s features allow you to reach out to those audiences who are already searching for similar products like yours. 

Google Analytics reports will help you find the highest performing category and market segments which you can use for further analysis. Once you get insights on the top-performing categories and market segments, you can easily work ahead to target the right set of people via google remarketing campaign.

Also, not to forget the AB testing and set up 'ad clusters' help you to compare the most effective campaign. 

Retargeting with Facebook Advertisement

Creating retargeting strategies Facebook is the most preferred and most helpful advertisement for many businesses. It tops the entire social media platform and is considered the best choice with the widest selection formats to target, reach and engage right audience base. 

One of the core feature features of Facebook is giving is the ability to target users on platforms. Basically, when a user opens his Facebook account, he is not bombarded by unnecessary stuff. Facebook tries to bring as relevant ads as possible which enhances users experience as well as help businesses to reach the right users. 

Retargeting with Emails

Talking generally, email remarketing campaign is the best way out to target people who have already left out their details or information on your website. This directly means, those are interested in your services and would like to receive information from your end. 

You can send emails to people who have previously purchased something from your store. Show them personalized popups based on their sale process. Moz says that as compared to the normal conversion rate of 2% to 4%, email marketing conversion rates are as much as 41%.

Retargeting with YouTube

When most people think of remarketing or retargeting, they mostly think of targeting persons who have visited their website but hasn’t converted. Whether the person has added the item to their cart, downloaded a guide book, left their email address, or taken any desired step on your website but hasn’t converted yet.

It is the time when you can try to bring them back by running a remarketing YouTube ad. You can run your ad to only those users by reminding them of your offers and try to convert them into your customers. 

Moreover, YouTube also allows you to segment video viewers into people who have commented on a video, watched a specific video, etc. This will help you in building a lot of right list on different criteria.


If you have understood these retargeting strategies and are ready to engage users then what you are waiting for!? 

Start driving traffic to your website by reaching out to your visitors. Then, when a user leaves their information without buying, you can retarget them with email, Facebook, youtube, and google ads.