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By Rams Creative Technologies
December 26, 2018, Updated on : Thu Apr 08 2021 10:43:10 GMT+0000
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Many service-based businesses try marketing for a few days, experience little to no success and claim that marketing doesn’t work. Even many digital marketing experts face challenges to implement it in an effective way.

They try various marketing firms, make various pages on different social platforms and even post their business ads on the internet, to see everything going downhill. At this point, they feel like all their efforts were in vain.

What they don’t understand is that marketing is a time-consuming technique. It takes quite some time to even earn your first few followers.

But after a breakeven point, the marketing strategy starts to pay off and the crowd they can gather using a well-planned and strategized marketing campaign is immense and quite loyal towards their brand.

One of the biggest reasons why businesses fail in marketing is that they don’t have clarity in using different marketing techniques.

Every technique has different objectives and goals. Different marketing techniques are used according to the need of the business and the buyer personas the businesses want to focus on.

Objectives and Goals of marketing techniques are:

  •        Drive crowd from various social media platform to website.
  •        Gather insights from users.
  •        Increase ranking of your business on search engine
  •        Increase your followers on social pages
  •        To increase views on your blog or any other content.
  •        To deliver promotional offers to your users.

Based on the objective you want to fulfill the marketing techniques should be used. Also, every marketing technique performs well at a particular time and after an appropriate stage has been achieved by the business.

If done properly digital marketing can bring faster results and help you to connect with a large user base very quickly.

We will go technique wise in order to gain their correct understanding and usage of each and every technique:


This technique is generally used to display the name of your website at the top of a search engine result page (SERP’s).

By using suitable keywords and having an interactive UI/UX can help you to accomplish the task of being at the top of every search result.

Various research and analysis should be conducted in order to pick the most suitable keywords to be put in the content on the website. A quality robust backlink setup also increases the ranking of your website.

A well tested and optimize website also help to boost the website on a search engine. It is always better to hire an expert web development company with best SEO experts in order to develop a fine website with an interactive user interface.

SEO can also be used to gain more views on blogs and content but it is really bad in gathering user insight and is time-consuming.


E-mail marketing is one of the most effective ways to deliver your promotional offers to your existing user base. With an existing email list, it is easy to market your offers and provide them information on a regular basis.

Its biggest drawback is of no use in attracting new customers nor it helps in any way to increase the brand value of your business.

However, it can be used to gather insights of users by asking them for their feedbacks and conducting surveys.


Often known as Search Engine Marketing, it is a technique that is used to let a search engine display your website or business to a searcher on a search engine result page for a specific keyword that he/she will search.

Businesses bid on various keywords relating to the service they provide so that their website can be displayed on the SERP’s.

It is really good at advertising initially and getting new customers. It not only works with search engines but also entices crowd from social media platforms.

It also has the ability to showcase your services in a visual format which no other marketing strategy is capable of. By retargeting the potential customers the chances of getting more impression can also be increased.

However, PPC marketing is not free and can lead to lost fortune if you bid on an incorrect keyword. Also, with many auction campaigns to bid on, it can be quite difficult to choose the most appropriate campaign for your business. Consult an expert PPC company to avoid this risk.


With a large population of people on social media platform, it is crucial for businesses to promote themselves on various social media platforms.

Social media platforms are quite capable of directing the perceptions and influencing the purchasing direction of customers. It helps to gain inbound traffic and their backlinks to your website also act as a signal in SEO increment.

With various inbuilt tools in these social platforms, it is also quite easy to track and gather insights of users.

With so many social media network present, it can be quite difficult to choose the most appropriate social sites and manage them. Businesses strategies often fail as they try to promote themselves on every social site and fail to manage every platform.


“Content Is King”

Every marketer understands this proverb very well. Content marketing is a marketing technique that involves the creation and sharing of content (written or visual).

Its objective is not to attract customers towards your website but to stimulate the interest of the customer using the content towards the service that you provide.

The quality of content determines the successfulness of content marketing. It is very essential as it lies in the core of all the marketing strategies.


There is no ideal way of using marketing techniques. You must know the core objective and requirement of your business model and plan your strategy accordingly.

Also, a well-woven marketing campaign comprises of every marketing techniques with content marketing at its core. To have an effective marketing campaign it is always better to use a collection of every strategy to gain the advantage of every single one.

Focus more on the marketing technique that suits your goals and objective more than the others. Take advice from some best digital marketing experts in order to do it more effectively.

Initially, PPC marketing will help you to gain more exposure on the internet. 

To let people land on your website it is always better to work on SEO and developing unique content on your website with an interactive and enticing user interface.

Linking your website to your social networks will also help to carry your customers from social sites to your websites.

To increase your following on social sites, create brand awareness and gather insights about your customers it is advisable to focus more on your social media marketing services.

With the passage of time, you will see the need to change and alter your focus to support the other aspects of your marketing.

It is quite normal and also necessary as marketing is a time-oriented process and a particular marketing technique can give support to one particular goal.

Just work on achieving the objectives of your company and implement each marketing techniques according to its need. Even though it is a time-consuming process, marketing can help you a lot to gain a loyal customer base and make a brand out of your business if implemented correctly.