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6 Timeless Lessons From the Book 10x Marketing Formula

In this article, you'll learn six important lessons from the book 10X Marketing Formula to achieve 10x business results. Also, get a step-by-step process of creating 10x content.

6 Timeless Lessons From the Book 10x Marketing Formula

Monday January 25, 2021,

5 min Read

Content marketing takes time, and eventually, most of the content marketers fail to deliver results for the business.

Probably the biggest reason for this is focusing on content marketing that lacks proper planning and strategy from content ideation to content promotion.

Nowadays, creating and publishing content isn’t a problem, but aligning content with business goals and results is a challenge.

This is where 10x Marketing Formula will show you a better path in growing your business with content marketing than just publishing copy-cat content.

The author of the book, Garrett Moon, is the CEO and Co-founder of Coschedule, an all in one marketing calendar.

In this blog post, you'll learn the six most important lessons from the book 10x Marketing.

Let’s get started.

1. Think like a startup

The very first step mentioned in the book isn't about any content strategy but the mindset.

The author strongly suggests to have a startup mindset to integrate content marketing to achieve 10x results, as every startup works on a simple rule, that is:

“Results or Die.”

Because startups never settle less than exceptional results with dollar signs. The first thing you need to do is thinking like a startup. This will make you unstoppable and push you to the extreme to achieve 10x results. So, before we dive into other important lessons, you need to be crystal clear about:

Are you willing to attach your name, reputation, and even career to achieving your 10x goals?”

2. Be a content hacker

We live in an era where many content creators have covered almost everything under the sun. So, content marketing alone may not be enough for you to get 10x results with content.

But a content hacker having a ‘results or die’ mindset looks for clever tactics to create and promote content that drives rapid growth.

And to become a content hacker, you need three constraints:

Content hacker

"One metric that matters, having a clear goal, and addition of a Timeline makes someone a Content hacker."

Honestly, most of us get overwhelmed by focusing on so many metrics such as monthly traffic to our site, email subscribers list, generating more sales, and so on.

But when we have a laser focus on only one metric (say growing email list), the result will differ.

3. Noah Kagan’s advice for you

Remember the last time you have tried something new with content formats, emails, ads, content promotion, etc.?

If it is more than a week, you have a chance to improve this.

This is what Noah Kagan does with his Sumo group:

Every week sumo team tests a new idea (whether related to email subjects, content format, or any other) and tracks its performance.

That means every year; they have 52 new ideas to try. And out of these, whatever drives rapid growth, they keep doing more of that and chucking the under-performing ideas.

This is simple:

Keep doing more of what’s working and eliminating everything that’s not.

It may sound a little risky to you. But this is all about having a startup mindset (Results or die!)

4. Teach your audience to be successful without you

Many marketers hesitate to provide so much valuable content for free to their audience. Let’s face the fact:

“If content marketers have a goal of teaching people to become successful without them, then the people will be dying to be successful with them.”

But one thing you must consider is the content core.

You need to ensure that your content

  1. Delivers what your target audience cares about,
  2. Creates a demand for your service.

That means every content you publish on the web should provide value to your audience and also have a clear link with your product and services.

5. Content scorecard

Jeff Goins, writer, blogger, and his team once studied why some content pieces get exceptional results while others perform below the average.

Throughout the process, they find out four key characteristics of successful content.

quality of good content

Every successful content pieces:

  1. Opens with a promise to the user
  2. Close with delivering upon that promise
  3. Follows an internal style guide (brand guide)
  4. Delivers so much value that their audience would be willing to pay for it

Likewise, you can also score your content before publishing.

6. Minimum viable marketing (MVM)

The MVM concepts come from the famous Minimum-viable-product discussed in Eric Ries’s book, Lean startup. This simply means testing your business assumptions before investing thousands of dollars.

MVM helps you reduce the chances of risk by testing your assumptions within a small group of targeted people.

To adopt this concept, you need to follow four steps:

content hacking process

  1. Build: Write every assumption about the campaign that you’re going to start (example: you want to start a digital magazine)
  2. Measure: Write interview questions to test the assumptions
  3. Learn: analyze responses and feedback from your audience and decide whether your assumptions were correct or wrong.
  4. Timeline: Make the entire process timebound (Maybe one or two weeks depending on your audience volume and process)

In that way, you can minimize your risk of losing your money, effort, and time.

Last but not least, let's get to know the seven traits of a successful 10x marketer.

Seven traits of a successful 10x marketer

  1. Have a mindset of “Results or die!”
  2. Having a clear understanding that growth in marketing requires failure. Likewise, instead of perfection, a 10x marketer should focus on progress.
  3. Always aim for 10x growth, not for 10% result.
  4. Never create and publish content without having a solid content editorial calendar.
  5. Knows that the best way to get the audience's attention is to create 10x content consistently.
  6. Always chase only one metric, not many that matter most to the business.
  7. Never afraid of testing with new hypotheses regarding content creation, creativity, and promotion.


The book 10x marketing formula gives us an actionable work-process to implement right away to achieve 10x results.

No matter what industry you’re in, if you follow the steps and strategies mentioned in the book, you’ll surely go ahead of your competitors.