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5 Tips by Dipraj Jadhav to Become a Successful Influencer

5 Tips by Dipraj Jadhav to Become a Successful Influencer

Friday July 17, 2020,

4 min Read

Dipraj Jadhav

The current surge in digital marketing has caused sea changes in the world of advertising. Traditional marketing techniques are now being overthrown to adjust advertising through digital means.

The number of advertisements that we used to see on the television has subsequently decreased since marketers are opting for advertisements via social media or other such means. One of the most common techniques is influencer marketing. It is one of the most effective techniques which is most likely to gain momentum in the next few years.

People nowadays, tend to get much more affected when they listen to a review of any product from the influencers themselves. The type of niches in which influencers delve is diverse, ranging from health and fitness to fashion. You might even follow some of the popular influencers on your social media too.

These influencers act as trendsetters and impress us with their flashy lifestyles, travel vlogs and diet plans. The life of an influencer is highly impressive. However, it is not that easy to gather a loyal following.

The job requires passion for one’s work and it requires originality and expertise to convert their ideas into impressive content either through pictures, videos, blogs, etc.

This article presents 5 tips by Dipraj Jadhav, a successful digital media influencer, to become a successful influencer:

  • Stick to your niche- The key is to find where your passion lies such as traveling, fashion, make-up, etc. The range of topics can be absolutely diverse. However, if you try and venture into many topics at once then the readers of followers might get confused. Therefore, you need to stick to a niche that you are passionate about and are genuinely good at. This will help you to become an expert on that particular field and people who have interest in the topic can easily look up to you for guidance or help.

  • Be unique- This is the part where your originality plays a major role. The number of ‘influencers’ and ‘bloggers’ out on social media are innumerable and there is a high probability that there are a minimum of twenty influencers around the world merely in your niche no matter how exceptional your topic is. Therefore, it is highly important that the content you post is original and unique enough so as to avoid repetitive content creation. You need to analyze your competition properly and take efforts to stay different. This requires proper research and brainstorming on your part to develop ideas that will impress your followers and make you look exceptional.

  • Keep posting consistently- In order to garner attention of others, it is essential that you keep posting content regularly. In platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, etc., you can try and post something or the other each and every day and in major platforms like YouTube which require quite a lot of time and efforts, you can try and post one or two videos each week. You need to improve your visibility towards your audience so that they get hooked to your content and become loyal followers. However, you have to strategies your content instead of being haphazard and confusing everyone.

  • Promote your work- The number of people who know you and your work influences your rate of success to a great deal. Sometimes just posting on your timeline is just not enough. You can either reach out to other influencers to give you a shout-out, or you can simply opt for Search Engine Optimization articles. Another effective way of promotion is to appear in interviews and try to get featured on popular websites. Once people start knowing about you, your life and your struggles, they will feel much more connected to you. You can motivate them to do better in life. You do not need to be ashamed of self-promotion. The key is to reach out to people.

  • Build a community of loyal followers- It is important that you interact with the people who are responding to your content either through comments or by answering their queries. If you just keep posting without focusing on your followers then they will rapidly lose interest in your work. You can take feedback from them and work accordingly. You need to keep them engaged and entertained. The idea is to build a strong community of followers.

Final Words

Hope you find article interesting to read and these tips shared by Dipraj Jadhav would help you become a successful social media influencer.