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Tips for Developing Good to Great E-Commerce Website

Tips for Developing Good to Great E-Commerce Website

Monday June 24, 2019,

3 min Read

E-Commerce is a complicated segment of website which needs lots of integration such as Creating user account, add to cart function, Uploading different product from admin side, etc.

Website Development Company in USA design eCommerce website with all the essential features and great front-end design.

There are few things which must be kept in mind while designing an eCommerce website.

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 1- Responsive Design

The mobile device users in continually growing and around 60% of eCommerce sales happen through mobile device, but as an eCommerce starter everyone cannot develop mobile app but can capture those consumers through a website itself.

Website Designing Company in Delhi Designs such eCommerce website which is compatible with laptop, systems as well as mobile.

We cannot ignore the ever-growing mobile online shoppers and thus creating a mobile responsive website is most important part of an eCommerce website designing.

2- Guest Checkout Functionality

 Generally, developers do not take this element as important, but users sometimes are not in mood or loss of time for creating an account, they just land up to your product page from any ads and made a mind to buy from your website.

In this case when user is checking out they get the option of signup in order to buy a product, around 10% users turn out from website.

At his point if you provide a guest checkout option, you can prevent losing such customers.

Repeat customer will want to create an account and take benefits of it such as saving delivery information for future, but Guest checkout is still a good option to provide for one-time users.

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 3- Product Search Feature

 Product search is equally important as navigation in an eCommerce website, over 30% of users prefer searching a product rather than using menu options.

According to Website Development & Top SEO Company in Texas the best idea would be to add features like autocomplete, when a user type 3-4 letters, drop down suggestions will help users to select their search options easily.

Faceted search in another advance integration which allows users to search in various possible ways such as by categories, size, price range, color, brand, etc. These functions provide power to the website.

 4- Website Security

 An eCommerce website is incomplete without SSL Security, this makes users trust you that their personal information as well as payment card information is secure while the are buying online.

Integrating SSL security is essential for customer trust and retention, but it is also required to meet PCI compliances, i.e. Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard for any business which accepts online payments.

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 5- Up-Sales & Cross-Sales

 When you go to any shop, the shopkeepers compel you to look to some product which you did not wanted to buy and sometimes you like one of those products and buy that item too.

Similarly, when a consumer is coming to your website you need to show them several other options to buy so the user can buy as more as possible items from your website.

Website Designing Company in USA keeps both the segments up-sales as ‘suggested items’ as well as cross-sales as ‘people who bought this product also viewed items’.

Seeing such elements, the user may get interested in buying other products too, increasing our sales from that user.

Thanks & Regards,

Nishant Chandravanshi



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