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Tips to know before starting a food delivery business

Tips to know before starting a food delivery business

Thursday July 04, 2019,

3 min Read

It is no small feat, launching an app of your own, maybe a food delivery app like Zomato. Its costs alone could scare entrepreneurs away.

If you are new to this whole scene, don’t be surprised if you’re feeling a little lost. We all did at some point.

To help you get to the top faster and easier, here are some important tips to keep in mind and follow. 

Choose your target audience

You need to select a target demographic and work towards building an app customized to their needs and preferences. When developing an application, you cannot just wing it.

In-depth research and market analysis are necessary to understand the users. Are you targeting the millennials? If so, social media is your best friend. It can help you interact with the audience and better your business constantly. 

Integrate high-end technology

Technology is not constant. Therefore, if you are building an app, use the best tools you can. According to your users’ preference, customize it for Android or iOS platforms, or both. The software used to develop the app should be up-to-date.

Other aspects like payment gateways and order processing need to take place smoothly. The developer should keep these things in mind and build an app that users will find easy to navigate through.

Incorporate the latest features

Why is a mobile application so favored? It is because of the numerous in-built features that make life easier.

There are a few basic features that an app needs,

  • Geolocation to provide restaurant options in the user’s vicinity and to track the order.
  • Easy payment through debit/credit cards, cash, digital wallets, net banking, and more.
  • Section to rate and review the services of the restaurant and the delivery executive.
  • Notifications to alert the user of order status, order confirmation/cancellation, etc.

Fix your budget

As an entrepreneur, you know that you want to make the best use of your money. There are numerous choices to make when it comes to developing an app. These choices can help you make huge savings. Do you want an Android or an iOS app or both? Android app development is cheaper than iOS.

How many features will you integrate into the app? Make sure to not stuff your app with too many features. Minimalism is important for the user to navigate through the app.

Are you building an app from scratch or using clone apps like a Swiggy clone or a Zomato clone? Clone apps work out to be way cheaper than the former. 

Promote your application

Spread the word. Your app needs to be something that your audience is already familiar with even before it is launched. There are no limitations on how you can take advantage of social media.

Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram are great platforms. Interact with users, post fun content, and get creative. The better the reach, the more trust your app will gain, consequently widening the user base.

Launch the beta version for feedback

A prototype should be developed to test your product in the market. Watch how users react to your app and collect constructive feedback to make further changes for the better. You don’t need to launch the complete version of your app. A beta version with the basic features and a simple design concept will suffice. 

Now you know a bit more about developing and launching a mobile application. But like always, ‘you learn on the job’.

Once you get started, you’ll figure out a lot more about what decisions to make.


Stay sharp and you’ll be on your way to running a successful food delivery business.