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Top 10 Augmented Reality App development ideas – to transform your businesses even smarter than ever

Top 10 Augmented Reality App development ideas – to transform your businesses even smarter than ever

Tuesday September 03, 2019,

7 min Read

Augmented Reality apps need no introduction these days as most global businesses continue to experience the benefits of AR in a big way. As a result, Augmented Reality apps have been the most widely spoken subject, in today’s technology driven world.

With the way, technology continues to revolutionize, the way we work and live, Augmented Reality development has become a household word. As much as aspiring developers think about a colourful career in AR, so can prospective and budding organizations, think of hiring Augmented Reality developers, and look forward to a phenomenal growth in business. It’s not always about putting those hard, long, strategically driven working hours, towards yielding something productive that can work. Sometimes, smart work than hard work, can really transform businesses and that is where Augmented Reality development steps in and offers a wider space. How? Let’s see now.

Different types of AR apps

Augmented Reality apps continue to be a revelation. From defense to education to entertainment, AR has proved its potential in the most effective way. However, it’s not been just these key sectors. Many other sectors now have set the tone for an AR driven business set up.


While businesses are already turning towards including Augmented Reality development, in their projects, the future looks very exciting and promising. Augmented Reality Apps have become the next best thing to happen to aspiring businesses, which can look forward to a promising future. Recent studies have indicated that the market for Augmented Reality development is estimated to cross close to $ 160 billion, in the next few years and that figure is exciting enough for sectors to embrace this wonderful gift from technology.


Retail and E-commerce sectors have seen an innovative change, once AR was introduced into their scheme of things. Customers now need not physically visit any store to choose their product of interest. Augmented Reality in Retail has now enabled customers to visualize their product, performing as per expectations, from wherever they are! This has also helped in customers getting that ultimate user experience. In addition, Augmented Reality development gives an opportunity for the retail business owners to increase brand and product exposure and remain competitive.

Online Dating Services

Finding the right match to express love and start a good relationship has always remained a challenge amongst the youth with innumerable uncertainties face. However, AR driven dating apps could be the next best source, for the aspiring youth. These apps work in real time and uses location identifiers, to find the best match for you, who either completely, meet your needs or come close to meet your needs.

Industrial Manufacturing

AR technology is already creating waves in the Industrial Manufacturing sector. Augmented Reality Apps can add a new dimension to the future of the manufacturing sector by facilitating and speeding up the processes at the factory. With Augmented Reality Apps, companies can now look at reducing production downtime by working faster and preventing operational errors. There is no real requirement for a process manager to physically be present on the floors at all times, as he can monitor the work progress in real time, through AR markers on equipment. This can save a lot of time as it enables in taking timely decisions, to improve productivity.

Video Conferencing and Teleconferencing

Conference meetings have never been the same, once AR apps were thought about, for making a conference meeting, more interesting and mind blowing. This is how an Augmented Reality App can give your teleconference meeting, a whole new look. Participants, irrespective of wherever they are, all see one another, in their respective positions. In other words, either seated or standing. Where AR could be a game changer, is when Photos, websites, and even webcam feeds can be placed onto the shared virtual walls, while you continue discussions during teleconference meetings. Even larger than size 3D models, can be placed on tables and resized.


The Education sector continues to see pleasant surprises by the end of every day. Augmented Reality apps will soon add more creativity to classroom learning experience. Students can immensely benefit from AR apps, with additional learning options.  It allows kids to view 2D and 3D models from all angles in real life and understand complex information pertaining to any subject.

Tourism and Travel

Customers who love travelling on a large scale can look for exciting times ahead with Augmented Reality apps, built to make Travel and Tourism, a memorable experience. How about actually being able to visualize the beauty of a hill station, right on your iPods or smart phones!! This can be a reality with AR apps. Now, tourists can get a first-hand feel of their place of visit. Built in GPS features with the AR technology, can also help tourists get directions to their desired destinations and have a memorable overall experience.


Medical Diagnostics has seen vast improvement with AR technology playing a key role. When it comes to reading an MRI data of the patient, a doctor can visualize the report from wherever he is stationed, which can even be right next to the patient too. Thanks to Augmented Reality apps, this has been made possible. Additionally, AR apps can also help in preventing injuries to sportsmen, well in advance, by analyzing their movements and advising them to follow the right process.

Landscape Designing

Landscaping still continues to be a major subject of challenge. Because of this, there are very few companies that have decided to dive into the virtual world. As an architect, how would it be to read the mind of your customer and try to show him a creative landscape!! Sounds as exciting isn’t it! Augmented Reality apps can turn many a visualized landscape design into reality. It is that easy to get correct data, as by simply holding a camera and then immediately let clients walk through their yard and see on their device what it would look like after completion.

Business Promotion

Business promotion forms the backbone on the very existence of organizations. Innovative Business promotion campaigns can go a long way in having a sustained Business program. Augmented Reality can give the organizations, an opportunity to develop something unique as well a chance to maintain connect with the product and performance, in a real time environment.

Training and Development

When it comes to training, AR has unmatched potential. A proper orientation, training and development program is extremely important for organizations to create a sense of belonging for employees. Augmented Reality Apps can be very useful in imparting training to employees, not only within the main branch of the organization, but also extend it across various branches, if it is a big organization, as well as franchisees if any.


Different sporting activities across the world continue to enthral followers. Augmented Reality apps have generated a new excitement in the sporting arena, by creating a real time experience, for fans who might miss out on opportunities to see live action. Through shared databases, every viewer can now see live streams, through their smart phones.

Automobile Maintenance

Auto Maintenance is one of the key important activities for people who own premier vehicles/ cars etc. It continues to be a challenge for people to get a car mechanic at the right time and place, to fix a problem. With Augmented Reality, this problem can be handled in the most professional manner.


Augmented Reality apps are establishing themselves quick and fast. AR services are sure to continue its domination on the business world as many new businesses will look upto it as a promising and productive source. With Augmented Reality development, the next best thing to happen from technology, there will be ample opportunities for aspiring developers to look forward to a bright career prospect. Nothing is impossible for AR and the same should be for new business ventures too!