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Top 3 Government Jobs with High Salary & Facilities

Here we will discuss about the 3 sectors of Government which gives many facilities to their employees with amazing pay-scale

Top 3 Government Jobs with High Salary & Facilities

Monday September 17, 2018,

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In India, having a government job is like a life insurance where people can spend their life with confort. Government organise many examination every year to fill posts in various departments with the help of SSC. SSC is a organisation which recruit employees for government of India. There are various departments in Government jobs, So it is hard to know all of them. Today, we will talk about the top 3 government Jobs with amazing pay scale and facilities.



#1 Government Aviation Jobs

Aviation industry is one of the developing and highly demanding sector, where time and quality matters. Indian Government released many vacancies for cabin crew, airport security jobs, management jobs and more in aviation sector. If you have any high post job in aviation sector then they will offer you many facilities like discount in air tickets. You can book cheap tickets in comparison of real fare which they show in the market. They also provide the opportunity to add your blood relation names into your ticket booking list, so you can book their tickets also in low fare.

#2 Railway Jobs

Railway is the another sector where employee get many facilities with amazing pay scale. There are many posts in railway sectors where you will get good salary with facilities like - ticket collector (TC) and more. The average pay scale in railway sector is 30,000 p.m. The employees of railway can travel any state of India with their pass allotted by government which helps them to reserve a seat for railway employee at free of cost. They can also add blood relation names to book family tickets.

#3 Army Civil Service Jobs

Civilians are non-soldiers who serve Army in various way by providing them services. They don't need to attend army training to join their department. Defense Research and Development Organisation (DRDO), Canteen Store Department (CSD),Instrument Research and Development Establishment (IRDE) are some organisations which serve services to Indian Army. These departments also get many facilities within the period of duty. Government provide them canteens to buy various products which are tax free. They also get the opportunity to go on a vacation with their family may be once a year (travel expense paid by government). They can also ask for the tuition fees, school/college fees from government. Their average pay scale is 25,000.

Every year many candidates join SSC Coaching for these government jobs. But it is hard to get your dream job in your region because government will recruit you according to their vacancies.