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Top 8 Web Development Trends to Look in 2019

And each year, brand new trends and technologies shape the environmental surroundings that web designers find themselves in. Listed below are the most effective eight web development trends for 2019.

Top 8 Web Development Trends to Look in 2019

Friday May 03, 2019,

9 min Read

Do you know that nearly 200 sites are pushed out every minute? Sounds right that is astonishing? But this is a fact and that’s why it's important that every entrepreneur and developer know about the internet that is current trends.

There are certainly a total of 200 million sites that are active on the market, as the combined count of total inactive and active internet sites is going to be ten times more than this number. Web sites have actually been making a high impact on the marketplace and organizations are employing these web sites to set up a strong existence that is online.

These data not only represent the pool of resources, but it also your competition that is intense between web sites. Among the best techniques to stay ahead of this competition is by remaining up-to-date with the latest styles. It is necessary to know exactly what will be trending in the future and implement those trends into web development.

Technology is changing rapidly, and you will find advancements daily. These updates create a more impact that is significant the method internet sites are developed. Developers should always consider the trends being recent update themselves utilizing the knowledge.

Listed here are a number of the site that is top trends.

1. Growing in Web Apps

A report that is recent was conducted has shown that people spend 85% of their hours on mobile apps. Progressive internet apps are website pages that appear like mobile applications for users. Then your individual can access them also lacking any internet connection if they're preloaded on the device. The feel will be got by the users of using an application as opposed to the website. The purpose of these Progressive Web Apps (PWAs) is to produce a experience that is native-like the users on all platforms.

A Google report has stated that 53% of mobile site visits are abandoned in the event that internet web page takes more than three seconds to load. Progressive web apps perfectly solve this problem. It combines the very best associated with web and native applications providing a feel that is great the users. The feel are got by the users of utilizing an app without also installing it.

The PWA gives a appearance that is full-screen users together with URL associated with site will never be visible. The brand identity will probably be noticeable in a more powerful way. So that you can mimic apps which are indigenous PWAs also provide push notifications to users. The publisher shall have the complete liberties of these push notifications, and additionally they can deliver them when necessary directly to the user’s mobile.

This way users will be able to also link to your website whenever they want, permitting them to re-engage with your website. This is usually extremely hard with normal websites. Users will manage to share this site content for any apps which are present on the mobiles. The sharing isn’t only confined to apps like Twitter or Facebook.

Users will be able to do all these plain things with no data connection via PWAs. This is among the best reasons why you should rely on PWAs. All the content that you post on your PWA is available for the users even whenever connection that is internet poor.

2. Chatbots - AI Bot Platform For Websites

The popularity of chatbots has increased a complete lot these days. These programs are made to interact with people. Some chatbots are crafted to reply to questions that are basic others are capable of responding to tough questions with ease.

Chatbots are the most web that is popular styles. Integrating these with your websites will assist in generating increased traffic and making the site even more attractive. Chatbots are creating a larger effect than one may expect. Users these days want quick solutions and aren’t interested to waste their time with loading or just about any conditions that are such. A delay that is small answering a question may lead to the abandonment of one's site.

The thing that is best as you are able to do in this situation is integrating your internet site with a chatbot. These chatbots will answer questions that customers have. This method you won’t be testing their patience.

The force for a web developer in terms of user experience is high. They always focus on supplying better engagement of users on the website and providing them with a experience that is good.

Chatbots will help developers a complete lot in this way. Customer’s expectations are high along with every thing they expect, these chatbots are something on that you can rely although you cannot provide them. They entertain the customer and at enough time that is same their questions too. Chatbots are a blessing in disguise for web developers.

Here is a trend which became popular back in 2016 and it is successfully still running. It will continue steadily to develop because chatbots are making an improvement that is huge web development. The latest AI and machine learning will additionally produce a difference that is huge these conversation. The ongoing future of chatbots and AI is great in terms of business.

3. JS Frameworks

Frameworks are something that has caught the attention of therefore developers that are many the world. Therefore, what's this framework? It is absolutely nothing however a reusable design platform which helps in providing support for the programming languages which can be most readily useful.

Web developers usually write so numerous lines of code, but with these frameworks, you don’t need certainly to compose redundant and code that is unnecessary. Finished . that is most beneficial about JavaScript frameworks, for instance, is their re-usability. Developers are able to write a function as soon as and reuse it as numerous times as required. This saves a complete lot of commitment.

There are various types of frameworks obtainable in industry, and choosing the one that is most readily useful is totally dependent regarding the developer’s needs.

Some popular frameworks which can be JavaScript:

  • React.js
  • Angular.js
  • Vue.js
  • Ember.js
  • Backbone.js

Regarding appeal, respond Angular that is vs is most debated topic for developers, but you can pick the framework that matches your needs.

Making use of these frameworks will save you you time, effort, and can help you create customized web application without putting with time that is extra.

4. Acceleration in Page Load Speeds – AMPs

How many people who work with a smartphone has increased an entire great deal these days. Considering phone that is mobile, Google has started accelerated mobile pages which are with the capacity of loading instantly.

These pages are designed in order to work smoothly on mobile phones. Google has always stated that they need webpages that are filled with rich content such as videos, animation, and pictures which will work ads which can be alongside smart. This content should quickly be loaded as as you possibly can.

People would not have a lot of a right time to wait for the page to load. They just ditch the page that is loading that is n’t open another website. So that you can prevent such situations, it really is important for designers to acquire a hold on tight accelerated pages that are mobile.

It is an opportunity that is very good web developers to boost mobile page rates and get increased traffic too.

5. Single Page Web Applications

It is a world that is fast-paced and no one really has sufficient time for you to go through different pages of a website. Single page applications are nothing however a page that is single where everything is provided on one web page only.

Then this single page will surely attract the users if you are designing an online site without a web log. It is simple and there is absolutely no need to navigate to many other pages. Everything will probably be present using one page only. The net that is long will contain all the needed details and there's no need for you to definitely worry about such a thing specific.

6. Low Code Development

Low code development provides an easier and faster way to develop and deploy a web site that is particular. It facilitates the growth that is rapid of web sites without any significance of proficient coding expertise.

Then this is the best way to make your move if you're just starting out a web site. You can start with low rule development and gain expertise then.

7. Cyber Security

It is really important to safeguard your website from any sort of attack, and this is the reason why cyber-security has become one of the more topics which are popular days.

Developers are trying to make their internet site invulnerable to cyber attacks. They are implementing strategies that are various continue web development secure from almost any threats.

You'll want to focus on this topic if you are about to develop a web application for your business.

8. Voice Search Optimization

From 2008 to now, voice search queries have increased by 35 times. As per a Hubspot survey, 19% of people use Siri one or more times a day together with a number of teens voice that is using is much higher. Your internet site should be drafted in a genuine way that is optimized for voice search.

Voice search is also breaking into search-engines. Siri, Cortana, Google Assistant, Echo, and Alexa are increasing these voice searches. Increasingly more individuals will probably start voice that is using and websites that are sound optimized are exhibited when a person searches with their sound.

Then it's important to help you optimize it for voice search demands if you really desire your website to stand out.


It doesn’t take much time to develop an internet site, then again you have to spend a good amount of the time and efforts optimizing it if you prefer a great website. Invest some time that is extra understand the newest trends and understand how to implement them.

You can hire a PC software development company and discuss them to upgrade your web application to your requirements as per these requirements.

These internet that is future trends helps your website to stand out of your competitors. It's possible to match the expectations of users by implementing these web development trends being latest into your internet application.