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25 Top Android Mobile App Ideas to Follow in 2020

25 Top Android Mobile App Ideas to Follow in 2020

Saturday April 18, 2020,

11 min Read

Can we imagine starting our day without a mobile application? We need an app for setting the alarm, one which reminds us of our meetings, another for playing songs, and even one mobile application for reading out news to us. So the moral is, mobile apps have taken a special place in our lives, and we cannot deny our reliability on them.

After seeing this essential reliability, android mobile app trends needed to upgrade in the year 2020. Mobile app development companies have come up with some more useful ideas and trends for android app development. Let’s discuss each in brief.

1- Augmented Reality is winning hearts:

Want to design your room? Or do you want to try a dress you saw on an online shopping app without buying it? Well then AR- Augmented Reality; is there to help you. Already a few websites like Pepperfry have started giving AR options where you can see which furniture will fit in your room. Mobile apps laced with AR features will be the top app trend to follow in 2020.

2- One Scan to make your PDF:

Keeping and carrying hard copies of your documents is so troublesome. But then what is the alternative? A mobile app that scans and converts all your documents into a single PDF file can help. This type of mobile apps will trend because of the mass digitization going on. People find carrying soft copies more convenient and safe than carrying hard copies of documents. Also, adding a cloud feature to this app will help in accessing the PDF on any platform.

3- Fitness apps are trendy:

People love fitness apps because it provides a one-stop solution to its users. It helps them organize their diet, track their footsteps, set health goals, and much more. Adding videos of yoga, exercise, and providing health consultants can enhance the beauty of such android mobile apps.

4- Say no to queues with Check-out apps:

No one likes to wait in a long queue at a retail store, and so Amazon came up with the self-check-out retail stores, Amazon Go. These types of apps will be increasingly used in the coming years. Amazon Go app allows users to scan the products on our mobile while shopping and make the payment online after checking out from the store. We just need to tap our phones just like we do on metro stations with metro cards.

5- Real-time translator apps:

It is almost impossible to mug up all the languages in the world. In such scenarios, real-time translator apps can save us. This app will listen to the other language and convert it into our language in real-time and also the vice-versa. Adding a memory feature can help the user in learning that language in the future if needed.

6- Let’s chat with bots:

Chat Bots are useful in playing the role of humans. They can interact like humans based on customer’s queries. These apps are based on Artificial intelligence technology, which is why they behave like humans. AI Chat Bots are helpful for any mobile app as they can support live chat without the need for human interference. Unlike humans, they never get exhausted and have the capability of interacting with any number of queries according to the user’s requirement.

7- Take me for a Bike Ride!

Due to increasing traffic and massive rates, cabs are losing their fans. The people who travel alone prefer to book bike rides rather than a car. The reason is pretty simple, it’s cheaper, can take shortcuts, and doesn’t get stuck in traffic jams, so it’s faster too. So hiring developers for getting a bike ride mobile app made is a great option. It will be a trend in 2020.

8- Safe Calling apps:

With the increase in spam calls, harassment, and forgery, Safe Calling mobile apps need to be used. Such apps will recognize the number if it is a spam or not based on the customer review database. Also, it will enable you to record the call and upload it to cyber crime cells helplines if needed. This will help you stay safe and also work as a preventive method in crimes over phone calls.

9- Scan and buy:

Imagine you visit your friend’s house, and you see a gorgeous center table in her living area. You also desire to buy that table, but you feel awkward in asking about it in detail from your friend. Now, what will you do? If you have a Scan and buy mobile app, you can scan that table, and it will show you all the results from where you can buy the same or a close substitute for that table. Such android mobile apps are useful as well as fun to use.

10- Criminal alert app:

Seeing a missing person or a wanted criminal on roads without knowing them can be a safety concern for all of us. The criminal alert app idea is such that the app will alert you of criminals in your area. This will save a life as well as help in catching the criminal whose pictures are there on the app.

11- Baby care and maternity app:

In the world where digital reliability is growing day by day, having an android mobile app for baby and mother care can help many lives. Such apps can be used by mom to be or even by men who are soon going to be a dad. These mobile apps will provide diet solutions for both baby and mother, exercise videos during pregnancy, nearby hospital routes, appointments of gynecologists or pediatricians, baby care products, and much more.

12- Stay away from crime:

Imagine having a mobile app that can tell you which area in your city is not safe and why. This is not fiction anymore. Such apps are a reality today and will trend in 2020. The heat map feature can also be added to this type of mobile apps to show the user the safe and unsafe areas of the city at a glance. Allowing users to report a crime on this app anonymously or with identity( as per the user’s choice) will enhance the quality and reliability of the app. And also help the surveillance cells to improve their services.

13- Food suggestion/blogging apps:

We all know how Zomato was started. Before starting with food delivery, it was a food blogging website and was known as Foodiebay.com, where people used to get hundreds of restaurant menus, reviews of eating joints, and recommendations. Such mobile apps will be a significant trend in 2020 as food blogging has come up as a career option for youth. Providing these bloggers with a separate mobile app will help them get better recognition too.

14- Find me a parking space:

We all will agree to the fact that finding a parking space whenever we go out is so annoying. What if an app will help us find a parking space in that area? It’ll solve a huge problem for us. Designers can design such mobile apps, which will help us find a registered parking space near us. Adding an e-parking ticket feature will take the mobile app to the next level. 

15- Choose your table app:

We need privacy in a corner seat for a cozy date or need the central table for making a grand announcement, in restaurants, it’s sometimes challenging to get the desired seating arrangement for what we’ve planned. With a mobile app which has graphical views, we can choose the desired seats or table and book them for a specific time( just like bus ticket reservation).

16- Virtual group study app:

It’s not always safe to go to a friend’s place for group study. You can also consider if one of the friends might be sick/out of town, but you have to do your assignments? In group study apps, students can meet up on this forum and prepare for their exams/projects along with other students who are studying on the same subject. The app must provide them with study material, tools, video lectures, discussion helps, guides, etc. Users can also create a virtual room where only he and his friends can enter and video call while watching online lectures together virtually. Hire android developer if you are mesmerized by this idea and want to get it made for you.

17- An app for Language Lovers:

Many people wish to learn a new language but don’t find the perfect solution. To help such people, you can design android apps, which will enable the user to learn new languages thoroughly. Adding levels like basic, intermediate, and professional will increase user engagement on your mobile app.

18- Pet Care and adoption apps:

Since there are many pet lovers out there, they will be disappointed if the digitization of the world doesn’t consider their needs. Pet care companies or veterinarians can hire android developers to get an app made for pet care. People willing to adopt pets can also register on this app. Adding a section for the license(new or renewal) will be a cherry on the cake for dog owners since, from May 2019, it is a compulsion in India to have a license if you own a dog.

19- Gift Suggestion apps:

Whenever it comes to selecting a gift for our loved ones, we end up getting confused. This mobile app can look over the entire history of our friend’s social feed to suggest the best gift idea for our friend based upon the content they posted. Such mobile apps are developed, keeping in mind the concept of data analysis. Problem solver!

20-Food Wastage Prevention Apps:

We all have seen that once the parties are over, a lot of food is left untouched or unused. People even throw food in the dustbin, which leads to the wastage of food. This issue could be resolved. We can develop a mobile app that can inform the registered orphanage/nursing homes about the leftover untouched food so that they can come to get it as per their need.

21- Car rental apps:

How many names come to your mind when you think about car rental mobile apps? Just Zoomcar, isn’t it? This is because not many businesses think of starting an online car rental, but you must because Car rental apps in India have very little competition. If you already deal with car rental or tours and travel business, then you can hire android developers and get your business online.

22- Dating apps:

Dating apps never get out of date. They are going to rule the app world like ever before in 2020 too. The reason why dating apps gained so much popularity is that ‘when everything is going digital, then why not love?’ But dating apps are not a recent invention. The first-ever dating website, Match.com, was launched in 1995. 

23- Student Assistance App:

The student assistant app is one of the top android app ideas to choose from. This app can be developed with features like writing projects or essays that will be of great help to the students.

Some ideas of Student Assistance App ideas are:

  • School project mobile app: With such kind of apps, students can look for group members to complete team projects and other academic projects which require students to collaborate.
  • Book stationery app: This app can help students in finding the nearest stationery shops and also in comparing the prices of books before buying. It will save both time and money.

24- Buying/renewal of policies/insurance apps:

We all will agree to the fact that policy renewals are a headache for us, and to top it all, we always tend to forget the renewal dates. Having a mobile app for Buying/renewal of policies/insurance will help us like Superman!

25- Event Management App:

Planning a perfect event is a Herculean task for all of us. But what if an app assists us throughout the planning procedure? It’ll be so easy for us to find solutions for each of our problems. The event management mobile apps must have information about venues, shops, caterers, and all that is needed to organize an event.

Summing up:

If you are a business owner then you must have a mobile application for your business. Having a mobile app will help in gaining recognition for your brand and making more customers. And if you are still confused and are planning to start a business with a mobile app, then you can choose any from the above mentioned 25 Top Android Mobile App Ideas. Also, if you need assistance in developing an app, you can hire android developers for your business. A professional developer will be able to assist you in the best ways possible. You can also improvise these ideas as per your needs. If you want to add more ideas to this list we made, do comment them below.