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Top Payroll Software - Make Your Payroll Process Easy

Top Payroll Software - Make Your Payroll Process Easy

Tuesday January 22, 2019,

3 min Read

Payroll processing and management is the administration of employee’s financial records. It is a very complicated process as it requires a lot of calculations and efforts to manage salary, wages, deduction, bonus, and net pay. This burden and un-necessary mistakes can be avoided by investing in good payroll software to keep the accurate records by the employer for federal requirements, especially when you file payroll taxes.

There are many payroll software available in the market; each has its features and benefits. Go for any software as per your business’s requirements. Before investing in it, you need to know about the software and their features.

I am outlining some good payroll software; you can choose which suits your business’s requirements:

Gusto – This payroll software is designed for small businesses to manage all the payroll activities. It has excellent payroll features, well-designed user interface, and innovation tools.

More than 40,000 businesses use it in the USA. You can use the software by paying a monthly price of $39 per month plus $6 per user. The features include direct deposit, unlimited payroll runs, year-end W-2s and 1099s and much more. You can also avail a FREE trial.

OnPay – This software is very easy to use with great functionalities. It has highly scalable applications; hence it is used for small and medium businesses. It not only used for process management but it also automates tax filing & payment procedures.

With a FREE trial, you can try all the key features first before investing in it.

Xero – It is most useable payroll software as it is effortless to use. Without any accounting knowledge, you will find it easy to use. It makes double bookkeeping more simple and manageable.

Today Xero has 20 offices in different countries, and 475,000 individual accountants and businesses use it. Its price package start at $25/month.

UltraPro – With the help of this software, you can track human capital management details of the employee such as personal information, performance history, employment history, and other valuable information as well.

The main features of this software are time management, performance management, employee portal, and talent management, etc.

Intuits Payroll – Intuits payroll software is available with three pricing plan and every plan has its own features. The main features are, you can generate unlimited paychecks, worker’s compensation and poster compliance service, etc.

Workday – It is a leading software that is designed for global businesses. It offers unifies payroll, HCM (human capital management) solutions for businesses. The main features of Workday include automated reconciliation of bank statements, absent management, and benefits administration. Due to its simplicity, it is used by more than 280 companies.