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Top programming Languages for web development in 2019

Top programming Languages for web development in 2019

Monday April 01, 2019,

3 min Read

Computers are highly pervasive. Today one of the most demanding skills required is the skill to write programming code. AI, ML and blockchain look potential candidates to dominate the current century and 2019 is already ready to witness the same. Along with that, we must not forget that the programming languages are basically the prime drivers behind these technologies. Web designing and development is one of the most important fields of interest and the foundation of many new and booming trends. If you dream to deliver the best services in web and mobile app development then it is crucial that you know at least one language properly which definitely takes time. This article therefore brings forward the top programming languages of 2019 which can give you a broader perspective about which one to choose to make your way towards the best Web Development Company.


The dawn of artificial intelligence has increased the importance of Python to a great extent. Some fantastic ecosystem like Tensorflow works on the same and once you have a command over python the sophisticated deep learning tasks become very easy. Python is easy to use and easy to deploy programming language which is being used to make some great and scalable web applications by web development companies in USA and elsewhere. It has a wide community and huge support of library attracting a plethora of developers.


If you are engaged or interested into front-end then JavaScript is meant for you. It is widely employed to designed interactive front-end applications. Many startups and companies in web development company in USA are using Node.JS which is a JavaScript backend framework. Now with JS, you can use a single language both for server and client side scripts.



The developers of the web designing and development team are rapidly going behind GO at present because of a simple reason that it is amazing and powerful. Google cleverly developed GO with combining the best features of functional as well as object-oriented programming to simplify the complexity of workflow without increasing the complexity in terms of knowledge. Go provides excellent support for multi-threading and therefore is being used by companies that depend on distributed systems.


Java has remained one of the favorite choices for building large-scale enterprise web applications. Java is also very widely used in android app development. Java is extremely easy and interesting to learn. Java is very stable and perfect for web development based jobs and services in large organizations.


Are you interested in Data Analytics and Machine Learning? If yes then R is definitely meant for you. R has some excellent frameworks along with built-in libraries to lay the foundation of some amazing ML algorithms. From Statistical computing to graphics, R grabs the top position everywhere. R has been welcomed by many enterprises and web development company in US.

Python and JavaScript particularly are hot in the startup world as they are easy to learn. They also provide an amazing market opportunity. On the other hand, Java is suitable for the corporate world. Whereas R tops the list in the analytics world. The choice of the programming language depends much on which world do you reside.