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Top Secure Cloud Storage and File Sharing Apps

Store your data in the cloud and retrieve at any Time

Top Secure Cloud Storage and File Sharing Apps

Tuesday December 10, 2019,

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In a globalized world where doing business from any part of the world is a reality, sharing files quickly and easily is a top requirement. Businesses are willing to use or spend money on file sharing services that allow seamless sharing of files of any size and quantity. Choose the best file sharing clouds that not only offer convenient plans but also top-level security.

Listed below are some of the best file-sharing solutions in terms of security, features, price, customer support and other essential factors.

Achieve personal, business and corporate goals with ease by using only the best file sharing service. There are many services in the market, so let us focus on some of the best, used by millions across the world.


DropBox Storage


Dropbox is among the most well-known file sharing services available in the market. With the use of off-site servers, it is the preferred choice of sharing among organizations small and big. Dropbox allows you to sync your files online seamlessly and across devices. Access your files securely from a PC, MacBook, iPhone or Android phones.

Dropbox Business is a step ahead, offering the best facilities and security at an affordable price. It has been helping millions of people collaborate, share and work efficiently. The dedicated customer service, smooth integration and the easy sharing features makes it one of the best file transfer systems to invest in. With version history, unlimited recovery, priority emailing, and remote account transfer options, Dropbox is a clear winner in the game.

Google Drive

google drive

Google Drive allows you to store files, music, photos and videos in one location. It offers automatic sync for all data across all devices linked to the account. Any changes or additions that you make are immediately reflected in the drive. It is also equipped with a feature to monitor changes made once in 30 days so that you can redo or undo them as needed.

G Suite offers its business and enterprise editions for flexible storage options for large and numerous files. With easy user management and file sharing, this is a great option for personal and business use. With centralized admin, data loss prevention and vault service, your files are more secure than ever before.



Box is a file-sharing service that allows secure collaboration through any device. It is useful for managing and sharing files across companies/organizations. Box is used by over 50,000 organizations worldwide including many top brands such as Gap, GE, Nationwide, Boston Scientific and Pandora.

Box is useful for easily creating, editing, and reviewing documents even real-time with other users across the world. It offers top-notch security through customer-managed encryption, mobile security, activity logs, and granular permissions. Organizations can also customize user regulations as per their business requirements.

Apple iCloud

icloud storage

This is a cloud-based file sharing, syncing and storage solution offered by Apple. Automatic syncing of all files is facilitated for both Macintosh and Windows systems.

The services offered include iCloud drive and iCloud photo library. The files are stored securely and updated seamlessly everywhere. Set it up easily on any device (Windows PC, MacBook, iPhone, iPad, and iPod) and make as many folders as you need.

“I don’t need a hard disk in my computer if I can get to the server faster… carrying around these non-connected computers is byzantine by comparison.” - Steve Jobs,

File Cloud


FileCloud offers 1 TB of cloud storage for an affordable rate of merely $10 per month for the first 5 users. It is possible to store and share documents across the globe. You can also choose in which region you’d prefer to host your data. If you wish to simply host your files in one of your own servers, the price is even more affordable.

FileCloud’s file sharing system is equipped with a robust sync feature that can be configured to work on a particular schedule as per an individual or company’s preference. The biggest advantage of FileCloud is its extension to even remote branches with network latency.

If you’ve stored a large volume of data and wish to identify a particular file among thousands, use FileCloud’s powerful search engine to look for it. Among file sharing services, FileCloud offers one of the best security measures available so you can be assured of complete privacy and protection.

One Drive for Business


Much like Apple and Google, Microsoft has its own file sharing service, considered one of the best in the market. Microsoft’s vast experience and reputation has won the trust of millions of customers who get a stable and secure system offered by a well-known global brand.

OneDrive for Business can sync files in real time, so users can work without hassles about outdated document versions. Not surprisingly, for a software giant with years of experience, they understand the need for high security from predators and hackers.

So, they offer a brilliant secure network and also offer protection from accidentally losing files through easy recovery. OneDrive is very affordable, offering plans starting from under $10 per month.



ShareFile, offered by Citrix, for individuals and businesses looking for a one stop shop for their file transfer needs, this is a great option given its great features and flexible price scheme.

ShareFile offers a winner free trial scheme that lets you test the waters before investing in it. You can try out all the available key components when you choose the free trial. With SSL/ TSL 256-bit encryption, it offers the same level of high security like its competitors. Users can manage the service the way they want, customizing key components to suit their needs.

Choose ShareFile for its moderate pricing, mobile optimization, and intuitive interface.

In fact, since most of these file sharing services offer free trial, make use of it to test a wide range of services before choosing the one that best suits your needs. Some also provide an additional demo of how the process works. You might also have the option to work along with the vendor about customization options specific for a business and come up with a killer presentation to present before the purchasing board if you are the one responsible for taking such decisions!