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Top 10 eCommerce Development Companies in The World

Here are the list of top ecommerce development companies in India, USA and other parts of the world which gives you best the ecommerce services.

Top 10 eCommerce Development Companies in The World

Friday May 22, 2020,

6 min Read

What makes an e-commerce brand success is its e-commerce web development. It is the building block of every e-commerce business and it attracts the customers which results in more sales and an increase in revenues. So starting your e-commerce should start with selecting the best e-commerce development company to make an excellent e-commerce website for your business.

Here are the top 10 e-commerce development companies in the world :

1. IPIX Tech Services Pvt Ltd

IPIX Tech Services is a predominant E-commerce development company in India with over a decade of experience. They have got an unswerving team of professionals to assist their clients all across the world. They help to boost sales with their captivating e-commerce solutions and provide 100% customer retention. IPIX offers enhanced brand visibility and 100+ e-commerce features. With IPIX Tech Services, you get a critical mass of visitors and makes your online store, a shopper’s paradise.

They deliver end-to-end tailor-made solutions that suit your business needs and implement innovative ideas. Also, they provide robust, highly customizable websites and provide seamless navigational experience to the users.

2. Ziggle Tech

Ziggle Tech offers re-platforming services and excellent support for multi-vendor e-commerce stores. The New York-based company came into existence in the year 2015 in the USA. They specialize in re-platforming of e-commerce business website. Re-platforming helps businesses to upgrade their plans and shift to a new platform altogether. They also provide excellent client retention. They are a firm best fit for mid-level enterprises and help them in rebranding, redesigning and re-platforming websites, digital platform engineering, digital transformation consulting, digital media marketing, and cloud infrastructure development.

3. IndiaNIC

IndiaNIC is one of the best e-commerce development companies and offers excellent e-commerce solutions for ultimate online shopping experiences. With their quality services, they have got clients all across the world and offer medium and large-scale retail businesses, full-fledged online e-commerce store web design, and custom e-commerce web development for small.

IndiaNIC delivers robust, world-class e-commerce web solutions and has got expertise in all the popular e-commerce platform like WooCommerce, Shopify, Magento, Zen Cart, OsCommerce, OpenCart, etc.

4. Brainvire

For ensuring stable and reliable end product, Brainvire has got strict QA protocols and has built applications loaded by the UN. They provide quality solutions for both startups and mid-level enterprises. Also they provide end-to-end solutions for issues in healthcare, finance, advertising, non-profit, education, and many more. With their highly experienced professionals, they delivered 1500+ projects to clients all across the world.

With strict QA protocols, they follow Agile development methodologies to ensure a bug-free website. Brainvire delivers effective e-business strategy, design and usability, products and marketing strategies, technology and security.

5. FATbit Technologies

FATbit Technologies is among the leading E-commerce development companies in India with an experience of over 15 years. Their team of 120+ employees caters to clients across six continents. With a mobile-first approach to app development and focus on disrupting traditional business with new IT solutions, FATbit has been a pioneer in the industry. Renowned publications like Business Insider, The Daily Telegraph, HuffPost, Business Reporter, among others, have recognized their ability to create value through a user-centric approach. Their services range from mobile app development to e-commerce web app development to competition analysis to database security, among others.

6. Cyber Infrastructure Inc.

With 14+ years of experience, they have become one of the most popular e-commerce development companies in the USA and help you with all your technology needs. They deliver optimized solutions and services over a wide range of industry domains. CIS provides quality services which include mobile application development, business process management, front-end design, business intelligence and analytics, digital marketing, cloud infrastructure implementation and application development. CIS provides solutions that always adhere to the latest trends and globally recognized standards.

7. Curotec

Curotec is an e-commerce development company based in the USA and delivers design-focused B2B solutions. They have been working with both small and medium sized businesses since 2010 and help businesses to prepare Launchpad for better revenue generation. With the experience of working with 100+ enterprises they have become one of the most recommended e-commerce development companies in the USA. They provide proper assistance to clients from deployment to marketing online.

Curotec has an excellent team of professionals to deliver quality services for their clients. They provide custom e-commerce development and Magento e-commerce. They also provide helpful insights on complex topics and offer fair pricing.

8. Selleo

Selleo has been delivering quality services for its clients over 10 years and has clients across Europe, Australia, the US, and Canada. Selleo gives you much faster quality results and has got the experience of dealing with micro frontends architectures and modularization challenges. They have delivered 500+ projects and have got 98% satisfied clients in various organizations.

They also specialized in LMS and e-learning services, AdTech and marketing platforms, data analytics and processing solutions, Custom Saas and cloud-based business process management tools, digital dashboards, and many more.

9. Magento Solutions

Magento Solutions is an emerging e-commerce company based in the USA. They are well known for complex projects and have been working on projects for the integration of emerging tech into e-commerce. Since 2009 they have been serving clients across 20+ countries across the world. They provide high quality mobile app development, e-commerce web development services, and consulting services. They have got their guidelines to work with and do intelligent work that produces desired business results. They always maintain an open form of communication.

In the span of 9 years in the field, they serve 650+ customers across 20+ countries and have completed 1800+ projects. They support Magento e-commerce, custom e-commerce development, and Shopify.

10. Evince Development

With 97% project success ration, Evince Development based in India has spread its services over 18+ countries in the world. They are one of the expert e-commerce web development company and has completed 180+ projects. The pillars on which the company moves forward are strategical approach, Decisive demeanor, Adherence, and Integrity.

Within the span of 6 years, they have served 16+ clients across 18+ countries. Evince Development suits businesses of all sizes, from startups to large-scale enterprises. Highly responsive and support Zen Cart, OpenCart, Joomla e-commerce, eBay store development Magento e-commerce, NopCommerce, OsCommerce, Yahoo Store Development, and BigCommerce.