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Top 10 Legal Technology Solution Provider Companies

Any practice, firm or business looking to create, update or transform a custom legal tech solution can benefit from knowing the world’s top 10 legal tech solutions providers.

Top 10 Legal Technology Solution Provider Companies

Saturday February 29, 2020,

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Custom legal tech software solutions empower practices, firms and legal professionals to better serve their clients in 2020. If your legal business is seeking a digital transformation in the new decade, consider contacting one of the world’s best custom legal tech software development agencies to jumpstart your journey to success.

1) Codal

Codal is a top-ranking international custom digital solutions agency with offices in the United States, Europe and India. Their teams provide the legal sector with custom user-centric web and software solutions that make digital transformations easy. Data and empathy motivate the agency’s project process, which allows their design and development teams to expertly craft digital solutions that consistently simplify workflows for legal professionals around the world. With ten years of experience in the industry and a body of work that includes solutions from legal management systems to dashboards, reporting software and more, Codal has the expertise to help your legal organization tap into the benefits of digital transformation in 2020. Reach out to Codal today.

2) Axiom

Axiom is a digital consultancy headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia. They have created custom turnkey digital solutions in the legal and federal sectors since 1988, contributing to the legal sector with all-inclusive web design and software engineering in addition to leading internal staffing initiatives for organizations that would prefer to keep their IT solutions team in-house. Axiom’s long-standing reputation in the industry has led to collaborative work with the US Department of Defense, federal and state government and more. Reach out to Axiom today.

3) CuroLegal

CuroLegal is a legal digital consultancy in the United States. Founded by a former litigator, their agency creates custom digital solutions for use exclusively within the legal sector. CuroLegal provides web design, development and consulting services to practices and firms looking to optimize their workflow efficiency. They are frequent advocates for innovation in legal tech and have even created solutions for the American Bar Association. Reach out to CuroLegal today.


STRV is an international digital solutions firm headquartered in Los Angeles and Europe. Their team delivers next-level technologies to the legal sector through web design, app and software development, data analytics and consulting services. The firm engineered the iOS and Android applications for LegalZoom, a web-based SaaS that helps families and small businesses find easy low-cost legal solutions. Reach out to STRV today.

5) Urban Insight

Urban Insight is a digital agency headquartered in Los Angeles that has empowered organizations through strategic consulting, custom web design and engineering services since 2000. Their agency established itself as an innovator in the legal sector through its partnership with Legal Services Corporation. Together, their teams created Open Advocate, an open-source public information website management platform. Reach out to Urban Insight today.

6) Unicornly

Unicornly is a legal web and software engineering firm headquartered in Katowice, Poland. Their team provides custom end-to-end digital solutions for organizations within the legal sector seeking customer-centric design and development services. Reach out to Unicornly today.

7) Nerdery

Nerdery is a digital business consultancy headquartered in the United States. They craft custom digital solutions with strategic consulting, web and software design and engineering solutions that strive to help companies compete, grow and prosper in an accelerating world. Their solutions-oriented team serves the legal sector through its work with governmental offices and organizations. Reach out to Nerdery today.

8) Rademade

Rademade is a custom digital solutions agency headquartered in Estonia. Their team of designers and developers has innovated within the legal tech space with custom reporting tools, Business Process Automation systems, mobile apps for federal personnel and more. They curate their approach to projects on a client-by-client basis, ensuring each product is uniquely designed for its intended use cases. Reach out to RadeMade today.

9) Intellectsoft

Intellectsoft is a boutique digital transformation consultancy headquartered in Palo Alto, California. Their team helps enterprises adopt new technologies and innovate with custom digital solutions ranging from web and app design to engineering and IoT. They serve the legal sector by tailoring solutions to supersede all minimum requirements set by the client. Reach out to Intellectsoft today.

10) MDS IT Services

MDS IT Services is a digital solutions firm headquartered in El Segundo, California. Their team of expert designers and developers craft custom digital solutions for various industries, including the legal sector. They provide end-to-end web and mobile app development services. Reach out to MDS IT Services today.