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Top 10 trending strategy to get high rank on Google

How to Get High Keywords Ranking On Google and other Search Engines.

Top 10 trending strategy to get high rank on Google

Wednesday January 01, 2020,

3 min Read

There are many digital marketing companies which promise that they can rank your targeted keywords in a very limited time period with their unique strategy. Here we are sharing top 10 strategy.

Top 10 Trending Strategy to get High Rank

1.     Get informative and engaging content. Content is the king for website, we notice this point that most of the articles and expert suggest that we should add good quality and informative content but is the exact means of it? Here we explain it, it means that you should add the relevant content which contain your targeted keyword and which is provide the answer of user search query for example if you want to rank your restaurant website then you should add the benefits & facility about your restaurant not write a garbage information which is good in keyword prospect but not engaging.

2.     Generate good quality backlinks. Backlink is backone of SEO, it really help to boost keywords ranking, through different-different of off-page activities you can generated numbers of backlinks and can increase your keywords ranking.

3.     Optimize Meta tags. Most of time we found that website has good content and backlinks but meta tags are not properly optimize, sometime we just optimize the meta tags based on our primary keywords which are really competitive, in this case we should also consider our secondary keywords and also target them through content & meta description.

4.     Optimize website speed: Website loading speed is one of major factor of ranking and bounce rate for the website so we should properly check our website loading time and try fi reduce it as much as it possible because if our website loads faster then the chances of reducing bounce rate is really-really good and it would be really help to boost the overall performance and keywords ranking as well.

5.     Fix broken links: We should check each and every page of the website whether it is service based or e-commerce and fix all the broken links or redirect them if there is no existing relevant page for it.

6.     Optimize the images. Optimize image it doesn’t mean that you just add the alt tag on the images and it is enough, nowadays there are many activities such as use the latest format of the image, caption, size of the image, we should review all these points and optimize each and every image of the web page so that we can get proper response of the image.

7.     Add Schema: Schema is also a good optimization activity. It is an XML or RDF format through which we can share an information with detailed format, it will help to get the data in snippets form and can increase the chances of getting High CTR on your result.

8.     Improve Heading Tags. Heading tags are very important part of on-page optimization, sometime if heading tags are not properly optimize then you can lose the chances of getting good rank on your targeted keyword.

9.     Optimize robots.txt file: Sometime we found that there are lots of pages of website which are indexing and they are not useful such as blog tag pages, hello word, sample pages. We should block these pages to reduce the reducing crawler time wasting.

10.  Add Sitemap files. Most of the time we found that we don’t optimize the sitemap file properly, Sitemap is really helpful for the crawler to know about your web pages, It would be good if we add XML and HTML both the sitemap for the website.