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Top Web Development Trends 2019

With the rapid spread of new technologies and frameworks in the arena of web development, 2019 will bring in several new web development trends you’d have to keep an eye on. These are the Top Web Development Trends of 2019

Top Web Development Trends 2019

Monday February 18, 2019,

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Top Web Development Trends 2019


Do you know global internet users number have surpassed 4 billion in 2018? It is found in a recent study by We Are Social and Hootsuite that above four billion people are using the internet worldwide. This counting accelerates every year in the current digitalised age.

The increasing engagement of people in internet devices has encouraged many business owners to explore online opportunities for earnings. This affects Web Development Trends simultaneously as more players have more impacts on the way websites are developed.

It is surprising to know that website numbers have reached 1.7 billion. It was confirmed by Netcraft in it web server survey and the graphical representation of the same is given below:


Top Web Development Trends

The increasing number of websites have given rise to the scope for experiments in the web development industry. It is obvious that Web Development Trends are changing every day like trends in any other growing industry.

The frequent updates and introduction of new trends have enabled web development companies to explore the wide field of technologies to inculcate in their web products. It is obvious that every new software developer will create completely varied approaches and ideas.   

These ideas have given rise to some amazing web development to provide optimum customer satisfaction. These Web Development Trends not only improve software developing industry but all change the global society as a whole.

To get a greater insight, we are discussing some popular Web Development Trends that will rule the software developing market in 2019 in this post.




Have you ever used Google assistant or Siri? Isn’t it amazing to save yourself from typing and get work done by just speaking some words?

These are voice search integration features of different software.

Most of the people prefer using a voice search program to search for anything. This feature is being adopted by many websites as well to provide maximum customer support.

A large number of software developers are including voice search feature. The software development companies are looking at this as an integral part of their software development tasks.

Mobile friendly designs


In a recent survey by statista , it was estimated that by 2020, the number of mobile phone users will reach up to 4.78 billion. A pictorial representation of their survey is given below:

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The demand for websites that will perform equally well on mobile devices is rising. It is because the user base of mobile technology is increasing at a fast pace. You can say that every other person today is carrying a supercomputer in their pocket.

It has become vital for web development companies to program websites in such a way that it will not pose any problem for end-user to zoom in-out or drag up-down their web pages.

Moreover, Google started using mobile-friendly characteristic as a factor for the rating of websites and applications. Therefore, it is highly essential for any web development company to program glitch free websites.



It is one of the most useful and awesome Web Development Trends in today’s online market. They can be understood as a hybrid of a web application and mobile application. The image below will help you understand them in a better way.

These applications work on a separate script called service worker and it is an integral part of its programming. They have some amazing features like push notifications, independent connectivity, and these apps can help to reach millions.

The PWAs are efficiently responsive and work effectively on slow internet also. You can load a PWA in 2G network also and it is easy to code these apps for web development companies.



Web Development Trends

Artificial intelligence is when a machine thinks with the same intelligence as a human. The software developing companies make this hard to imagine task possible. AI is a hot topic for the past few years and has reached various areas, from medicine to mathematics.

According to the fascinating study by Boston Consulting Group and MIT Sloan Management, it was found out that 84% of respondents see AI as a strategic priority for their business. A pictorial representation of their research is given here

The strategic importance for businesses of artificial intelligence is undoubtedly at its peak. There is a wide sea to explore in this area which seems never-ending as of now for every enthusiastic web developer.


According to an estimation by Gartner, it is predicted that by 2020, 85% of humans will interact with an enterprise without a human. One of the attributes of Artificial Intelligence is Chatbots. It allows customers to chat with an artificial human.


Web Development Trends

It allows business to assist customers 24/7 which increase customer satisfaction and connectivity. The main advantage is the lower cost as it eliminates the finances spent on human employees.

It would not be a wrong conclusion that chatbots will be a future of marketing. This will eventually create business opportunities for proficient web development companies that can provide amazing chatbots solutions to enterprises.  


When people use motions in their user interface, visitors are likely to stay and get retained. Bounce rate increases with content without any kind of motion because of speeding contemporary life. Today, the attention span of humans is decreasing day by day.


Web Development Trends

According to a survey by Renderforest, it was found out that 78% of users got more traffic after adding videos to their content. A glimpse of their other finding is shown in the image below:

It is clear from their findings that motion content is in high demand. The fast-moving lifestyle has forced the web development companies to add videos to their content to gain the attention of the user.

Final Words:

Like any other industry, the software industry is also observing many changes throughout the year. In fact, Web Development Trends are accelerating faster than many other industries. The innovations of web industry discussed above are making human life easier.

They are also resulting in transforming the complete society. Software developing companies should keep an eye on these trends to get an edge over their competitors. It is no longer a requirement but has become a necessity in today's dynamic web development market!