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Top WordPress Design & Development Trends to Follow

All the mentioned trends are currently ruling the digital space and are set to roar in the upcoming years.

Top WordPress Design & Development Trends to Follow

Monday April 29, 2019,

4 min Read

WordPress, a leading content management system (CMS), is already notable among top retailers due to its extreme level of flexibility and scalability. You can merely hire WordPress developer from any leading service provider to relish its benefits. If we talk about website development, your website should be extremely engaging and meaningful for your target audience. This is due to an increased level of competition in the market. And, a seamless user-experience is the key to success. It enhances with every new update on your digital channel.

Whether you hire a WooCommerce developer or an agency, it becomes crucial to remain updated with the latest web design and development trends as it helps you to be competitive among your competitors. A few of trends in every WordPress web development are as follows:

  1. Typography

Undoubtedly, typography has an immense impact on what your audience feels and gain from your web store for their first time. Text in web designs is a trending idea to capture audience’s interest. Through this technique, you can transmit your message to the target audience easily and furthermore, in more understandable ways.

So many designers are utilizing this factor and exploring a new range of other typefaces and effects to catch the audience’s attention. It mainly solves the purpose of your website to be read. Some dramatic and bold texts are always a good idea.

2.Play with colors

Bold and better color schemes have always been progressively utilized across multiple digital platforms nowadays. So you can play with the color schemes as per your convenience and need.

In order to remain in the limelight, you can opt for more vivacious and gaudy colors, making striking effects and combinations. Some designers are also trying to introduce color schemes that can interact with everyone inclusive of individuals with disabilities.

3.Push notifications

Web push notifications are generally short messages that are supposed to be delivered within a web browser to your visitors if they have opted to receive notifications. The permission is generally taken via pop-up messages on website.

Implementing push notifications on your WordPress website is a perfect way to get your users hooked on while getting a comfortable way to be updated with you. Though you need to take care of two key points: sort of message you are delivering and how to write it effectively.

4.AR & VR implementation

The evolution of AR (augmented reality) and VR (virtual reality) is changing every web design and development trend. Both of them are the recreation of an artificial and computer-generated simulation just like real-life situation. Through these technologies, you can offer your audience a realistic feel through their senses (eyes and ears).

There is a lot of scope of AR & VR in mobile games and websites. So many companies are already taking the advantage of these to offer their visitors a hands-on experience while they interact with their products or services. In case you are a startup or existing online retailer, you can hire WordPress programmer to explore more ways to implement new features on your eStore.

5.Mobile-friendly design

With the increasing trend of smartphones, mobile browsing has surpassed desktop interactions. Almost everybody is purchasing goods/services via mobile phones. Therefore, it has become crucial for the web designers to code websites in such manner so that they can fit impactfully in almost every window size. Now, whether it is a mobile screen or a tablet you need to get a decent menu and widgets showing on a small screen as well.

6.Progressive web apps

Progressive Web Apps (PWA) encompass modern web APIs to deliver app like experience to your users via browsers itself. Such apps have no need to be downloaded or installed on the user’s device. Few successful examples of PWAs include Alibaba, Flipkart, Forbes, and AliExpress etc.

These apps are gaining popularity among the retailers. It is not essential for you to opt for PWA development only if you have a clenched budget. You can also have one along with your native app.