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List of Best Adventure Places in Hyderabad

Adventure is waiting for you.

List of Best Adventure Places in Hyderabad

Sunday August 25, 2019,

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Hyderabad, the city of Nizams, is studded with tales of mighty kings. When we talk about Hyderabad, we only think of history and heritage. But the true fact is, Hyderabad is more than just a place of tales and rich history. It is becoming one of the most happening places in India.  

If you are an adventure junkie, and you like thrill and speed to boost up your adrenaline rush, then these places in Hyderabad will surely hype your interest.

Best Adventure Place in Hyderabad

This place is the all in one stop for all the thrill activities you yearn for. Be it any sports or adventure activity, Flipside offers it within the boundary for everyone. It provides several adventure sports including Go-karting, bungee jumping, shooting, paintball, rock climbing, zip-lining, etc. So be it your secret desire to become your racer or a sniper from your favorite novel, Flipside Adventure Park is a must in your list.

  • Ananthagiri Hills: 

Surrounded by the Eastern Ghats, the hills are situated at an altitude of 1168 meters in the Ranga Reddy district of Telangana. Covered with thick forest and the birthplace of Musi River, this place mesmerizes every tourist with its beauty. It is said that these hills are home to the earliest forest-dwelling civilization. The borra hills, ancient caves are a special attraction among the trekking community. So pack your bags and conquer the peak.

  • Kotapally kayaking reservoir: 

Kotapally Kayaking reservoir is one of the best adventure place in Hyderabad for challenging peoples. This place provides you with exciting water sports like kayaking, rafting, canoeing, etc. Raft in the lake and roam around to take most of the natural surroundings. There are several food stalls around the reservoir for tourists to feast on crunchy roasted nuts. You can also go for a picnic and enjoy your lunch with your family near the lake. 

  • District gravity: 

Located near Leonia Resorts, this place is a hub of many adventure activities. Starting with bungee jumping, you can enjoy many other sports. This includes dressing up as a sumo wrestler and fighting with your mate, getting yourself hanged on a human slingshot and sway to and fro 140 feet high from the ground. The park is amazing with never-ending activities like cricket, baseball, volleyball, paintball, go-karting, sumo wrestling, meltdown, bull ride, human foosball, rappelling, wall climbing, slithering, etc. It is must to visit the archery arena there.

  • Sahas Adventure Park: 

Definitely not built for the faint-hearted public, Sahas Adventure Park is located inside the world’s largest film city complex, Ramoji. If you have grown up watching Takeshi’s Castles, you can relate to the activities including a massive range of rope course, all-terrain vehicle, reverse bungee jumping, human zorbing, archery, paintballs, and human foosball. Overcome all your phobias of height and fill yourself with courage for activities like mountain biking, obstacle race, monkey crawling, traverse climbing and much more.