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How UI Design Helps You Ensure Success of Your App

How UI Design Helps You Ensure Success of Your App

Thursday July 23, 2020,

6 min Read

A mobile application with user-friendly features and a seamless performance can boost your business and generate revenue in a short time. Many companies have transformed their products into brands with the help of mobile apps. Once it was said that ‘If you have a business, you should have a website’. In this mobile-driven age, we can say that ‘If you have a business, you should have an app’ but then, is it possible that every mobile app is capable of transforming the business into a highly profitable entity?

Today, Google Play Store and Apple App Store are surging with apps. After surpassing the milestone of 1 million apps back in July 2013, Google Play Store has now over 2.5 million apps, and Apple App Store has almost 1.85 million apps available across various genres. In such a situation, it is difficult to stand out from the crowd for any new app, which means that your app may fail to deliver as per your expectations and calculations. Chances are fair that your app remains as just another app in the app store.  

Here, the UI/UX design can be a game-changer. The mobile app development company emphasizes both UI (User Interface) and UX (User Experience) designs for this reason. The UI design is aimed at providing easy and enjoyable interactions between your app and its users. The UX design, on the other hand, focuses on the user’s experience. The UI/UX design is complementary to each other and therefore, we need to discuss them together to ensure the app’s success.

Which Aspects to Keep in Mind While Designing Mobile Applications?

The UI/UX design company emphasizes on the following major components to make your mobile app popular among people worldwide.

Information Architecture (IA)- When it comes to offering an easy navigation irrespective of browsers, IA plays a significant role. Information Architecture can offer app users an excellent navigation experience.

Usability- It contributes to enhancing the usability of your app. In other words, this factor is responsible to ensure that your app’s users can get the information they need through your app.

Interaction Design- This concept of creating a conceptual design deals with the user’s interaction with your app. Colors, fonts, images, and aesthetics are included in this concept.

Wireframe- This aspect is necessary for testing features, usability, and appearance of your app before publishing it in the app store or making it live.

Visual Design- Do you want to define your app’s brand in the app user’s eyes? This concept can help you in accomplishing this objective. This aspect revolves around the appearance of your app and ensures that the users get the same looks whenever they interact with your app.

After going through the key design aspects, let’s find out why your app needs UX and UI design.

Why does your app require UX design?

The UX design has a direct relation with the popularity and number of downloads for your app. The UI-UX design company can utilize the UX design principles to make an app that can easily solve the user’s issues while providing value to your business. It is the UX design that determines whether the user will return to your app or delete it. Here it is fair to mention that even if your app has an appealing interface if it fails to give users a pleasant experience; they may either delete it or give it a bad review.

Why does your app need UI design?

The mobile app design company tends to make your app as appealing as possible. It is because the UI of your app can attract app users to go through the app. It is said that the first impression is the last impression, and the UI can give your app the first impression that can be lasted for a long time. However, it is still not clear that which type of UI can give the users a positive experience. When you hire UI designers, they either go for an attractive interface or opt for a simple and easy-to-use interface.

Role of UI/UX Design in Making Your App Successful

Appearance and performance are inevitable for ensuring the success of your mobile app. The UI/UX design company can make your app ready from both these aspects. A well-designed app can perform well, and such an app can deliver what the users expect from it. As the number of apps in the app stores are increasing rapidly, only apps with excellent UI/UX designs can achieve success over the period.

The main objective behind developing an app is to enhance the online reputation and create a brand by increasing downloads. We can consider an app successful by the number of downloads and the revenue generated. An effective UI/UX design can help companies serve this objective and get a loyal customer base. The business app with a robust and user-friendly design can load faster and perform better than other apps.

Here are some important elements of a user-oriented mobile app design-

Faster app

Two seconds can be the ideal loading time for any mobile app. A study by Akamai research has revealed that every additional second can decrease the conversion rate by 7%. This fact is sufficient to know the importance of a faster app.

Standardized elements

Various elements of your app including symbols, colors, buttons, and icons should be used in a way familiarize for your app’s users. Other elements like visuals and texts should be simple enough for users so that they do not get confused and easily go through your app.

Better Interaction

Along with looks, your app should be highly interactive and the users should get engaging experience. Interactive apps can compel users to visit apps frequently.

Uniform performance

If your app is a cross-platform app, you need to ensure that it works seamlessly across Android and iOS platforms both. Such a uniform performance can help your app give an excellent user experience.

Wrapping Up

Some of the most popular brands across various sectors have utilized the key elements of design effectively. These days, every mobile app development company tends to focus on UI/UX design of the app. It is necessary for you to consider design aspects to make your mobile app popular among people or employees in the case of an enterprise app.