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Video Content Optimization Factors

8 Important Factors for Video Content Optimization

Video Content Optimization Factors

Thursday June 25, 2020,

4 min Read

Let us get started with understanding a few significant factors that will help you grow your organic YouTube traffic and ranking with SEO.

  • Keyword Research

Those videos which get produced or shot based on a target keyword or some audience queries have a higher chance of getting a top-ranking status on YouTube. The moment anyone tries to search for anything on YouTube, it starts suggesting various options to complete that query. It represents how YouTube highlights the catchwords audiences use to discover any video.

There are several keyword research tools available in the market which any business can use, but always keep in mind that you must choose the keywords that can potentially get your channel ranked on YouTube.

  • Add relevant Meta tags

For YouTube bots to understand the topic and where the video should be ranked, one needs to add the target query or keyword within the video metatags. By adding these Meta tags to the title and description, you attract more viewers towards your videos. 

Never get carried away because you need a crawler-friendly name for the video, it also helps if you utilize the target keyword here as well.

  • Upload a transcript

Just adding metatags with the target keyword is just a small step towards boosting your video SEO endeavors. Nevertheless, if any person sincerely wants to get top rankings for their videos, they should create and upload video transcript, closed captions with subtitles, and never rely on auto-generated subtitles; they are wrong a lot of times.

Utilizing the target keyword within the video has the ability to boost your video ranking significantly.

One of the best techniques to make the crawlers find that keyword in your video content is via transcript, closed captions, and subtitles. This kind of data allows crawlers to understand exactly when a video is relevant to a search query.

  • Create an attractive thumbnail

Attracting the audience's attention to make them click and watch your video over others is difficult. We need to think as an audience and understand among several search result what can derive my attention to click on it, yes thumbnail is the first thing our brain notice and click on it.

Try and create a thumbnail that is about content and includes the keyword; an attractive thumbnail is essential to increase the click-through rate.

  • Create a Video Sitemap

Create and upload a video sitemap to YouTube to provide the crawler with more data to understand more about your video content. YouTube will draw several data from the sitemap like the category of the video, duration, URL of play page, title, description, and more.

  • Video Filename

This is the most common optimization method. Name your video files on your system or laptop the same way you would name image files. Don’t forget to mention a targeted keyword or exact description about that video topic.

  • Keep Video Length in Mind

This is not same for all industries and topics, but it is very important to keep video length or duration in mind.

For example, if you are in the education industry and creating content for that, then the video should have a longer duration. Similarly, if you are planning to create an entertaining promotional video, keep it short but remember to add important elements to entice the specific viewer to engage with the video content.   

  • Always Encourage both Likes and Comments

This is another basic and crucial factor to be considered for engagement. It’s necessary to engage video viewers to like and comment on content, especially YouTube by adding attractive call-to-action.

Don't undervalue this because of being excessively technical stuff; this is what crawlers use to understand what the video is all about.

Few extra tips to get more views, try to increase click-through rate, increase the watch time, grab more subscribers, and track video performance to measure success.