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Top 5 Visitor Management Systems for Health Care Organizations

A visitor management system is a perfect way to understand if your customers are satisfied with the services and bring more business with them.

Top 5 Visitor Management Systems for Health Care Organizations

Friday September 20, 2019,

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The growth of your business to a large extent depends on how you treat your customers. A customer who is happy with your services will always return to your establishment and bring more business with them. A visitor management system is a perfect way to understand if your customers are satisfied with the services. 

A Visitor Management System aids you in a myriad of ways:

  • Automated Entry: The old school tedious process of signing in a person on arrival and then verifying their IDs to grant them access has run its course. You can easily replace this with a visitor management software that turns this cumbersome process into a cakewalk. It allows visitors to sign in via the QR code on their IDs and grants them access in seconds.

  • Returning Visitors: A returning client automatically feels valued if he/she is giving preference over the new ones, and deservedly so. This small gesture goes a long way in establishing a good rapport. A visitor management software automatically recognizes returning customers and helps them bypass the verification process and lets them reuse their old IDs to grant access

  • Feedback Management: One of the most important parts of growth is understanding where you are going wrong and also where you are going right. Honest feedback from a patient or a customer is the best way to gauge that. Leave behind the old culture of tedious feedback collection cause now you can use a visitor management app. It allows you to record the feedback and displays it on your mobile phone or the dashboard.

  • Real-time Response: The next most important aspect of visitor management is a call to action. How proactively you solve a visitor’s gripes and grievances determines how customer friendly you are. A visitor management system gives you a real-time notification for any feedback that is lodged thus giving you the opportunity to act immediately.

  • Staff Management: A business institution or especially a hospital is run not just by its top management but with immense support from the staff. This living workforce needs to be managed accordingly and now you can do just that by using visitor management apps. It allows you to monitor visitors, their feedback and all other necessary metrics that you can use to allocate resources efficiently.

Now that you understand the importance of visitor management read on to find out the Top 5 Visitor Management Systems For Healthcare Organizations:


Keeping efficiency and automation in mind piLOBI was created. It maximizes your front desk efficiency by using a versatile and robust visitor management platform. This smart and secure platform automates most of the mundane jobs and frees up your staff to cater to the more important needs of your clients.

Some of the stand out features of piLOBI are:

  • Digital reception that allows automatic sign-ins and outs 
  • A dashboard that displays all critical metrics
  • An app that allows you to access the platform from your phone
  • Multi-location management
  • Real-time notifications on your phone

A visitor management system not only allows your employees to focus on more important matters of the business but it also removes the element of human error from such mundane processes. Platforms like piLOBI create a virtual reception for you and make customer service, feedback collection, and staff management easier than ever before.

Top 5 Visitor Management Systems for Health Care Organizations

This is a cloud-based visitor management system. It is versatile and handles all aspects of visitor management starting from automatic sign-ins to staff attendance. You can register to the central platform using the app on an iPad or any other mobile device. All the crucial information regarding the clients are displayed in its dashboard.

  • Regular check-ins
  • Visitor Logs
  • Badge Assigning
  • Host notifications
Top 5 Visitor Management Systems for Health Care Organizations

An automated cloud-based visitor managerial system, Touchpoint is specifically designed for hospitals, hotels, exhibitions, and residential apartments. This software will allow you to record all information by scanning the QR code on the ID badges.

Some of the key features include:

  • Check-ins and outs
  • Security Management
  • Notifications
  • Contractor Management
Top 5 Visitor Management Systems for Health Care Organizations

Vizitor is a highly rated cloud-based visitor managerial software. It caters to businesses like hospitals, universities, hotels, and offices. It has an efficient app that you can use with both Android and IOS devices.

Key features are:

  • Automatic check-ins and outs
  • Prints visitor badges
  • Visitor dashboard with all the critical metrics
  • Feedback collection system

Top 5 Visitor Management Systems for Health Care Organizations

Sine is a visitor management software that is perfectly suited for small, midsized and large businesses. It is a cloud-based platform and its myriad of features makes it perfectly suitable for a variety of industries like hospitals, schools, offices, and construction

Sine has a vast array of  capabilities like:

  •  A mobile app for android and IOS devices.
  • QR code check-in and check-out, verification and automatic notification.
  • Integration with Outlook, iCal, and Google.
  • Badge printing, reporting, and data analysis.