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What is the future of digital marketing?

What is the future of digital marketing?

Monday September 16, 2019,

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In recent 2 years, I have met almost 100+ top digital marketing influencers. I have seen most of them doing good in the digital marketing industry and scaling their businesses on the next level. The most interesting thing is that no one stick to one common practice like someone is doing affiliate marketing someone is well versed with content marketing skill, good with google ads, FB ads, dropshipping, landing page optimization, the marketer in funnel building so it gives a diversity of digital marketing as a career prospect. This gives us an idea about the future of digital marketing and if someone becomes a master in one practice he can scale his business to the next level. Your learning can be many in digital marketing but scaling is possible via one core expertise.

Is digital marketing good as a career aspect?

I am the co-founder of PIMS- Professional institute of marketing & Strategy and I use to meet daily 3-4 candidate as love to meet new people and ask their career interest. They use to ask about the future of digital marketing. Let's talk about India's market only then we use to know that only a few segments of a business owner using digital marketing. Although many planning to implement as per market requirement. Our team meets a lot of business owner and they really want to learn digital marketing reason is understanding the core aspect of it. So every industry needs it and they need a skilled person so if you are skilled in digital marketing then this industry is always waiting for you to join.

key reasons digital marketing requirement is going to be an increase

  1. Many businesses those were really doing good via traditional marketing feeling the essence of digital marketing because their competitors have started moving on digital marketing channels
  2. Lead generation is key of every business and digital marketing platforms like Facebook, Google, LinkedIn helping on huge scale to generate leads
  3. Brand value depends upon your market share and presence and digital platform gives you a huge market presence.
  4. ROI is huge on the digital platform as compared to traditional platforms.

Challenges of digital marketing

  1. People coming from all background like B.tech, BBA, MBA, B.sc, B.com and many other profiles that makes it competitive because every stream student comes with own advantages. So if you are coming into digital marketing you have to be ready with your presence of mind, need to know how to utilize moment marketing and take it to the next level.
  2. Learning is really important. I use to learn new things on a regular basis so you also need to improve your skill on a regular basis to do well in digital marketing.
  3. Consistency is really important in digital marketing like if you are writing blog then your user will follow your schedule and if you miss it then they will also start coming on your blog, timing schedule on social media posting is really important so you have to be consistent in your approach.
  4. Need to work on your creativity, digital marketing always gives an upper edge to creative people and help them in making a better career.
  5. Every campaign needs final output and if you are able to understand your audience you can reach out to better result.

So i have tried to give you overall scenario of digital marketing that will help you in scaling and learning and understanding future of digital marketing. Digital marketing is always a bright aspect if you are ready to be creative, add value in your work and understand user psychology. Understanding user mindset is really important in digital marketing.