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Online Vs Offline Learning: The Elemental Difference

“I never teach my pupils, I only attempt to provide the conditions in which they can learn” said the Nobel winning physicist Albert Einstein. That is all students of any discipline need, the right conditions in learning.

Online Vs Offline Learning: The Elemental Difference

Monday May 06, 2019,

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The right learning platform or condition is what every kind of teaching or learning method has been attempting to provide. Both Online & Offline Learning too focuses on the same objective. The focus of both the methods is, providing the unerring shape to the learning journey.

With the advent of technology, data & information can be shared with much ease. This has transformed the way people learn anything new these days. It sure has made things easier for the people who wish to improve their knowledge and areas of expertise. These conditions which we are referring to have changed over centuries. Homo sapiens started writing on the walls & then he went to writing on scrolls. Books were and still are stored with great caution. The importance of books could be understood from the fact that after progressing to the next class, students would pass on their books to their juniors.

Online Learning

Online Vs Offline Learning

To finish a project at school and college level, students would toil hard to gather books & information from various sources. This provides us with two pieces of information. One, Information & in turn knowledge has always been of utmost significance. And second, availability of data & information plays a crucial role in smooth learning of students of any age group. Because of online learning now students can find the same study material from various modules which are available online.

Mankind has come from writing on scrolls to being able to learn everything & anything on the internet with just a click on his computer or tab. A Few years back students would chase teachers to grab a copy of the notes of a particular subject. Now, data on every subject and any topic can be found online with great ease.

All of this tells us that due to internet learning or online learning there are no barriers to learning. If a student is eager to learn then he/she will find boundless material to learn from online. There is one thing which is worth noticing in current scenario of learning, people of every age group are keen on learning new & advance technologies in their fields. We come across people who have been working in a certain field for years and then decide to pursue a certification course or maybe a master’s degree in the same field. The ease, with which people can actually go on the internet & simply download books to read on their kindles, subscribe to various blogs on a certain technology & their area of interest, apply for various Online Courses, makes people pursue the education or quench their thirst for knowledge.  

Web based learning gives you the power of adaptability which assists you in learning in any phase of your career & at any time in life. For instance, you will come across so many experts in specific industries available on many online platforms, ready to share their knowledge via online tutorials, webinars or webcasts. Therefore, attending an Intelligent Systems lecture from that eminent Yale professor has become possible because of online learning.

In current time, online learning has become more of a need than choice. This is because the cutthroat competition in every industry demands the professionals to stay on their toes; hence the need arises to do the certifications or other form of courses. Another reason is the curiosity or eagerness to gain knowledge. Training can help you forward your vocation and get that corner office you've had your eye on, or simply give you confidence an enormous lift. So whether you're persuaded by energy or aspiration, don't give these open doors a chance to cruise by.

In rundown, there are qualities and shortcomings to both on the web and disconnected learning. In case you're more suited to an organized situation, disconnected or conventional learning may be for you. In any case, on the off chance that you lean toward an adaptable involvement with the capacity to work anyplace and whenever, web based learning is your ideal match.