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Where & How To Get Your Commercial Documents Attestation?

This post clears what is Commercial Documents Attestation and recommends attestation service provider.

What Are Commercial Documents? When you will be needing?

Commercial Document Attestation is of prime importance while any individual plans to move abroad for widening their business prospects. Commercial Document Attestation is required to establish the validity of your documents in a foreign country.

Implementing procedure of commercial document attestation is considered to be the act of authenticating the commercial documents such as documents associated with any business activity which includes sales invoice, an order, transport or shipping document and power of attorney etc. This attestation process offers a seal that states that a particular document is genuine and appropriate to be shown within other nation or in front of foreign officials when anybody moves theirs for any of the purposes. 


The requirements of Commercial Document Attestation are rapidly growing in all business verticals. If you are into any kind of commercial practices in India and as well intend to expand your business internationally or export some of the products to any foreign territory, you need to get the commercial documents attested by the issuing authority in India or the Chamber of Commerce first.

It is considered to be very lengthy and time taking process for corporations. If one wants to get his documents attested for business abroad, it is always advisable to hire experts/ agents to get it done i.e. the process of commercial documents attestation. With the presence of Commercial Document attestation service provider in India, the business owners can get some relief from this complex process of commercial documents attestation as these agents can get the required documents attested in time

List of Commercial Documents

  1. Export Invoice 
  2. Packaging list
  3. Power of Attorney 
  4. Certificate of Origin 
  5. Certificate of Incorporation
  6. Memorandum Of Association 
  7. Company Profile 
  8. Company Agreement
  9. Company Registration
  10. Company Financial Budget & Many More

The process for attestation of the commercial document is time taking and requires more time than any other document attestation. In spite of this hefty process, attestation agencies manage to get the desired document attested in a very less span of time.


The cost for the commercial document attestation by the government department is way too much. Consequently, the agents can take advantage of your situation and overcharge you for your attestation. So it's very necessary to select the right agents or companies for certificate attestation which are cost-effective.


The commercial documents are very confidential and it should not be copied or distributed when it comes to revealing it to the attestation agents. So to make sure they are protected you need to make disclosure agreements on the same and that means more expenses. However, if you choose reliable service provider, needless to make an agreement, for your every-time attestation needs, we will be happy to serve you.  


At PEC Attestation & Apostille Services, we provide you with the best range of commercial document attestation services. You get to avail genuine and hassle-free services with effective & timely delivery at a very reasonable charge. We have a team of attestation specialists who are well experienced with the process of all kind of attestations. Feel free to visit our website.