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Which Android Applications can be used in a classroom?

Every childs need a visual picture to understand something whether that thing is either related to mathematics or history Phones are the best way to show pictures or videos of anything to clear their concepts.

Which Android Applications can be used in a classroom?

Monday March 11, 2019,

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Today’s schools need some change because today’s kids are not same as ancestors. Instead of being able to sit at a one place, the kids of today are very much able to sit at one place. Moreover, the kids are more observant and sharper. And for sharper children, method and explanation need to be changed and detailed and engaging to bind the whole class.

To bind the whole class or all children of the class, a teacher needs to fix big touch screen in front in the class. That large touch screen will be used as black board, but its task would not be to teach students math but to educate them.

Every child wants a visual picture to understand something whether that thing is either related to mathematics or history. And, phones are the best way to show pictures or videos of anything to clear their concepts. That’s what touchscreen will do!

This touchscreen can be used to teach different subjects by using different applications on it. But problem is which applications are the most suitable for everyone.

Every child in a class is different; therefore, teachers need to apply that method of teaching which is applicable on all. In the same way, he or she will need applications that can be helpful for all.

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Some of the applications which can be used for every child are:   

  1. Khan Academy: Sal Khan's designed application which has more than 400,000 videos is the best application for all students. The concepts and topics are explained in each of them is easy to understand. Therefore, teachers can play its game form math sums on touchscreen to make the kids to answer energetically. In the same way, he or she can use it to teach history about different civilizations and biology too as the video makers make drawings too to provide visualized explanation. A teacher can also teach them computer programming through it too. The app is very good for questions and answers as they students eager to answer first.
  2. YouTube Videos: There are different channels on YouTube that have uploaded videos of different body systems, factories, civilizations. So in order to make all of them understand how heart works, how chocolate bar is made in factory, how was Babylonian civilization or how the moon moves, show them different videos. The videos will not only bind them, but they will also develop their interest in the topics. The videos will, also on the other hand, help them to make a complete picture of the system and factories or anything that they would see in their minds. And this will help them in learning and understanding. So, the world of tomorrow creative, bring in video learning!
  3. TED: To develop interest of students towards education, a teacher needs to teach then or show something out of course informally. Such informative yet out of the course videos can be provided by TED. TED is an application that doesn’t have motivational videos only, but it also has videos on neuroscience, creativity, music, environment and much more. In other words, TED covers such topics in which everyone has interest. Some of its videos do not have pictures of your brain, but hearing has greater on your memory. Moreover, the skills of public speaking of speakers at TED will help students to become a better communicator. So bring this app in classroom and let the children to groom.
  4. Trello: Majority of children are very unorganized, and teachers hate their being careless. So, in order to organized them or make them conscious, the guider can install Trello in class's touchscreen. Trello keeps the children alert by providing them tools to remind them about different assignments’ deadlines and homework. By creating checklists and uploading pics in front of whole class at the end of the day, make all toddlers to know what they have to do in upcoming week. Organization is the skill which every child is required to learn to compete in upcoming years. And, to learn this, use this app regularly.
  5. Duolingo: In this competitive world where everything is based on capitalism or trading, a person needs to learn more than one language in order to be able to communicate with every other person without translator or assistance of  the best assignment writing service. So, to make the tiny stars ready for competitive future, children need to be taught everything from early stages. To teach the whole class French or German, teacher can install DuoLingo in classroom's pad. By using DuoLingo, teacher can teach them difficult languages too in funnier way. By using this useful application, teacher can teach them more than 19 languages. So bring this app in classroom and make them better communicators who would be able to convince anyone in this post-truth age.
  6. Periodic Table: students learn chemistry in the best way and fast when they are shown pictures of elements. And Periodic Table is the best app to be installed in class's touchscreen. The creation if Royal Society has the whole periodic table and each element is provided with its basic information. And not only have that, by using this application, teachers can taught their students the basics of chemistry in engaging manner. Moreover, the colours and pictures help them to memorize the elements and its atomic numbers perfectly. So dear teachers and students use these applications and get higher marks in upcoming chemistry test.

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Education is the most important element required to live a life. It will not tell you a, b and c, but also helps you to know the actual differences between right and wrong. It is the education that helps a person to understand one another and act according to the will of the other person if it is right. But to keep this wave of education moving forward, in order to make the toddlers tolerant and empathetic too, the change is required to pass on that education. Otherwise the teachings cannot be transferred or passed. So bring change and let the world be peaceful.

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