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Why choose AngularJS for your web development projects?

Why choose AngularJS for your web development projects?

Monday September 24, 2018,

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The world of online universe has brought in concepts like artificial intelligence and ecommerce websites. There is virtually an app out there for every single requirement! Also, the number of websites that are proliferating every single day is huge and keeps on increasing. In such a scenario, getting hold of a good web application development tool is a must. AngularJS is a is a solid JavaScript framework, developed by the Google fraternity. It is an open source framework that helps create neat and easy to use applications.Since its launch in 2009, it has been gaining popularity by leaps and bounds and has been holding first place on GitHub. The features AngularJS provides is unparalleled, be it in security, user interface, MVC architecture setup and others. That is the reason it is a favourite tool among web application developers.

The Big Bang of Websites

In the recent past, so many things have happened at a lightning fast speed. We now have artificial intelligence in our back pockets (hint: Siri, Google Assistant), information at the tips of our fingers and genie like applications that can get you to exercise or teach you a new language or put dog and cat filters on your snaps to make you look cute (seriously, what?). One of the biggest advancements made by this ever expanding online universe is e-commerce, or as I like to call it, ‘The Big Bang of Websites’. The list of websites is increasing exponentially each day. In such a huge market, you have to make a wise choice when developing your website.

What is website development anyway?

Sure you could choose to believe that there is a mammoth arachnid somewhere spinning pictures, viral tweets, videos, and blogs into this unending web. If you do believe this, I suggest you visit a psychiatrist really soon. Imagine I have a keen interest in designing programs so one fine day, while using Photoshop, I design the visual elements of a potential website (because obviously I take two spoons of aesthetics with my morning tea) and then I am overwhelmed so I haste to my friend who happens to be a web developer. He scrutinizes my handiwork, looks at it critically and then glances out of the window into the vacuum as if Jesus just whispered the date of the Apocalypse into his ears. He then sits at his computer and using the wand called a programming language, he churns up what we call a website.

Where does AngularJS fit into this picture?

JavaScript is one of the programming languages that web developers use. AngularJS is a solid JavaScript framework designed to simplify front end development. Coming from developers at Google, this is an open source framework that helps create chic and easy – to – use applications. Since its launch in 2009, it has been gaining popularity by leaps and bounds and has been holding first place on GitHub (woah!).   

So, what’s the hype about?

Clearly, AngularJS has taken the market by a storm. And you must be wondering why? Put your doubts to rest. These are the reasons why AngularJS is the perfect choice.

1.Security: Unlike other JS frameworks, where reliability becomes the glaring issue, AngularJS is developed by Google where there are certified open source experts. Enterprises are focusing more on security and easy access now than ever and AngularJS is complete secure and protected.

2.User interface is declarative: Why we say so is because for defining app’s UI AngularJS uses HTML. HTML in itself is a declarative, intuitive and less puzzling language than defining something in JavaScript. You only need to enter the end result in order to achieve what you want.

3.MVC Architecture: Its painfully easy feature only requires you to split the app for implementing MVC and the rest is all managed by AngularJS. This maintains your data, displays the data, and also acts a bridge between the two.

4.Easy integration: Just when you thought it couldn’t get better, here it is. You can integrate third party features as integration comes pre-built into the framework. This is the reason AngularJS becomes the most sought after development tool for enterprises.

5.Data binding: AngularJS has two way data binding which is the best thing about it. Any change in user interface immediately influences application object and naturally, the other way round. With this framework, there is no need to store links to DOM elements. You can very effortlessly describe the result with the model state terms without having the need to use low level instructions.

6.Directives: The HTML is expanded with directives that add into the code information. It thus guides you to focus a lot more on logic and add more value to your time and energy. You can also reuse the code so that it improves the overall readability.

7.POJO (Plain Old JavaScript Object): All the functionalities required for object manipulation comes with AngularJS which makes it wholly sufficient. It enables you to loop over objects at will and also remove and add properties from the objects too. Isn’t that exciting?

8.Testing is easy: You wouldn’t have to sweat it out to test the codes since it is written in JavaScript. JavaScript is interpreted and dynamic and not compiled. If you follow the ‘one file- one module’ order, you wouldn’t have to remember the module loading order.

9.SPA – oriented feature: It is like a match made in heaven; AngularJS and SPA just belong together. AngularJS has form validation capabilities and also has built in validates for error handling but if you want to create your own validates, you sure can do that as well.

10.Solutions in a snap: AngularJS has readymade solutions. There are various solutions that solve a multitude of tasks with readymade modules. As you don’t have to follow strict project structure, you can very well create applications which possess an extremely varied structure.  

What do you take away from it?

If you still think there is a better development framework out there, then we must say this, but you are wrong. With websites proliferating like ants when you poke an anthill, you have to be quick, smart and efficient all at the same time or be prepared to come last. AngularJS web development tool is your wand if you want to be the web application development wiz. It is, in every way, your best shot.

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