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Why CodeIgniter Development is Preferred than Other PHP Frameworks?

Why CodeIgniter Development is Preferred than Other PHP Frameworks?

Tuesday February 12, 2019,

3 min Read

Every PHP development company knows that PHP is the most prominent programming worldview for developing PHP based applications. Also, the hardest test in IT sector is to develop unique web application for business of all verticals. However, there are 50 PHP frameworks offering devices to make PHP coding and programming as simple as could reasonably be expected. CodeIgniter is the best one for developing fully-functional PHP website.

Here are few reasons mentioned, which help developers to choose CodeIgniter framework development over other PHP based frameworks-

Open source- CodeIgniter PHP framework is an open-source web development framework that disentangles the assignments of programming and development.

Tested Framework- CI has properties that settles on it incomparable decision for experienced PHP developers to develop PHP based site.

MVC Pattern- This framework underpins MVC pattern that causes devoted PHP specialists to finish the site development ventures.

Light Weight and Efficient- It is one and just framework with little impression and light profundity, which guarantees composing code with no swells.

Quick Execution Time- One of the most critical certainties of development work is its execution time. CI has snappy execution time for project achievement.

In-built Security Function- Security functions in CodeIgniter are in-built that helps PHP developers to keep data private and encourage better working.

Easy to use Interface- Built with easy to understand interface, it helps developer to do coding with no superfluous unpredictability found in other PHP frameworks.

Less Coding Requirement- CodeIgniter framework has less coding prerequisite to offer custom CodeIgniter development services to organizations.

No PHP Version Issue- Every function in CodeIgniter accompanies wrapper which causes PHP developers to not consider the contention of the most recent PHP version.

Simple Error Handling- For developers, it is a major worry to deal with the mistakes and run the code immaculately. CodeIgniter can deal with mistakes effectively.

Helpful Template Solutions- It helps to create web projects without intuition much on outline. A developer just needs to consider the substance to include work.

Cache Class Available- When any choice is clicked in web development project, the outcomes can be found from store class without complete execution of code.

Community (Network) Support- Any CodeIgniter developer can join CodeIgniter community and get support from it. Experts share their knowledge to resolve any issue.

Clear and Precise Documentation- Users of CI can thoroughly consider of the container with the assistance of clear and intensive documentation available in it.

For all above evident reasons, CodeIgniter can be considered as a great PHP framework in various ways that improves the assignment of PHP site development. This development framework has world-class highlights and usefulness to help customized PHP development services.

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