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Why Django is the Best Web Framework for Your Project

Why Django is the Best Web Framework for Your Project

Tuesday March 12, 2019,

7 min Read

Recently I was posting about how to find and hire python/django software development company. And addition to the previous post I want to explain why django is one of the top frameworks for web development and why is it so popular among developers and business owners.

Developers are constantly searching for the best. They seek the best language to code in, the best tools to use, and they are always looking for what is at the forefront of development. But identifying which language and tools are the best can be difficult. The choice depends on the developer, the project, and the tools available.

At Steelkiwi, we believe using Django as the web framework of your project is the best way to turn your idea into business reality. Our expert team of developers has experience working with numerous different languages and tools. Of all the options they have encountered over the years, they have chosen Django time and time again as the best framework to work with.

Django and the Zen of Python

Django web framework is written on the quick and powerful Python language. Python works on any platform and is also open source. The language is based on its own philosophy, “The Zen of Python”, expressed below:

These principles of code writing are unique to Python, giving the language an advantage over others that have no philosophy guiding them. The principles are what help Python developers product top-quality code.

The Django benefits of being “the web framework for perfectionists with deadlines”

There is much to be said about the advantages of Python. It has been the most popular development language for several years and continues to be a favourite among skilled programmers.

But let’s narrow our focus to the advantages of Django framework in particular. Django is a high-level web framework which was created for quick web project development. It delivers transparent and high-quality code writing, making it important for developers, and equally important for customers.


There are some Django advantages

Benefit to the customer:

In case something requires you to change your development team mid-way through your project, Django allows you to find a new team that can comprehend the project’s architecture with very little effort. This can save you a lot of time and money.

Benefit to the developer:

Even if the project is developed by one team from start to finish, using Django makes the development process remarkably quickly, from idea to release through to launch and production. With transparent, clean code, development can be both efficient and effective. And we all know that time = money.

This is why Django is considered “the web framework for perfectionists with deadlines.” It allows any developer to quickly grasp the project’s structure and gives them the tools they need to implement any idea and develop it properly, and in record time.

Disadvantages of Django

When we talk about advantages, we should also mention disadvantages of Django. The most significant point is that Django doesn’t support real-time web applications. It was expected that application Channels would be included in Django, as it was with South and Jinja2. But it was decided not to do so for a variety of reasons. Now Channels is official project which remain as separate repository, living under the Django organization on GitHub.

Django is the best solution for an MVP design

These days, it seems that more and more startups choose the MVP (minimum viable product) model to develop their product initially. Using the proper approach, an MVP model should be scalable for further development.

Django is the best solution to creating an MVP that can be further built on because it comes fully featured, right out of the box. This means that it already includes all of the necessary tools for creating any additional features for the product. For instance, an admin panel can be connected through one line of code using Django. As well, Django offers one of the best security levels of the currently available frameworks, ensuring that your project is kept safe.


At the same time, Django also can connect to the large number of third party applications that exist, further accelerating an already quick development process. For example, django-allauth is the best way to provide a "social login" (e.g., Twitter, Facebook, GitHub, etc.) option to users. And the Django Rest Framework is the best way to write REST APIs to connect Django with payment applications like Stripe and others.

Proper documentation is critical in saving developer time, which translates into saving customers money. Django has all of the key aspects required to ensure the focus is on the project’s development. It is portable, and hostable on Amazon, Heroku, Digitalocean, and more. Django scalability is also one of the most important part of the project development and evolution.

Django works with high-load projects

Django suits high-load projects perfectly, given that the approach to implementation is done properly. Together with other technologies such as Memcached, Redis, MongoDB, etc., fast loading pages and quick data processing can be achieved.

There are numerous examples of popular, high-load projects that rely on Python and Django in particular to provide users with stable, fast access.

Top famous projects built with Django

Django allows you to build projects that have different goals and functionality. There are many applications that exist out there. We’ve listed the top popular Django apps below.



The National Aeronautics and Space Administration’s official website is a go-to app if you are interested in space. The site features news, pictures, and videos. Django allows the company handle the big number of views and traffic.


Pinterest allows users to share pictures that showcase their interests. Also, users can follow and share pictures with others as well as content. Pinterest is powered by Django and lets users interact with the platform easily.


You all heard of Instagram. It hosts more than 400 million people and allows them to share photos and videos. Django lets Instagram users browse the app, find and post photos with ease.


We all go to YouTube for fun and serious videos to watch. Initially, YouTube was a PHP-based application. However, the constant need to improve and add new functionality made the company choose Python and Django in particular. The Django framework lets YouTube developers add new features and make upgrades effortlessly.


Dropbox is powered by Python and lets users manage their files effectively. Familiar to all kinds of devices, Dropbox uses the Django framework to enable file storage, synchronization, and sharing.


Reddit is known as the place to search for information and entertainment based on different categories. All posts and links generated by users are promoted to the top via voting. Due to the Django framework, Reddit’s users can enjoy its capabilities and functionality.

We specialize in Django

It can be difficult to determine which project should be written in which language because it’s most often the case that several options could successfully bring the project to life. What is of paramount importance is finding a team that can implement your idea in the best way possible, in the shortest amount of time possible. Your team should use the tools they specialize in to get you the best results.

We develop websites using the Python programming language, relying on the Django framework in particular because it is simple, reliable, and transparent. Our motto is “Make IT Simple” and we believe in this approach to help us complete simple and complex projects, transforming any idea into a successful product.

For any questions regarding Python web frameworks , best Django practices, or anything else, please don’t hesitate to contact us and we will be happy to help! Get in touch with Steelkiwi Inc. or just drop me a line!