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Why Flutter will change the face of Mobile app development soon

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Technology is changing at a quick rate these days. Especially in this age of the Internet and Digital, a new trend goes obsolete in no time. 

In mobile application development, there is a promising framework said to be changing the face of the mobile application industry soon. 

We have enough reasons to believe that Flutter could revolutionize the way mobile application development is used to operate. 

  • Provide Single Codebase

For avid mobile application developers, Flutter is an excellent tool because it provides a single codebase from which you can develop both iOS and Android application seamlessly. 

You no longer have to switch to SDKs to create mobile applications for iPhone and Android phones. Through Flutter’s advanced architecture, you can have perfect development experience. 

  • Flutter is Open Source 
WebClues Global

Flutter is an open source software, and that makes it free to use for commercial purpose. You can save funds through using Flutter and invest your money into other things like hiring, planning, or marketing your mobile application. 

  • Light-speed Development

Flutter provides a functionality called Hot-reload that applies the changes in the code directly to the output. You no longer have to explicitly compile or refresh your system to see how your code looks. 

You can dynamically develop mobile apps and edit the code while observing real-time changes in the project. Through the widgets of this framework, you can create native interfaces within seconds. 

  • Ease of Testing 
WebClues Global

Usually, developers and testers have to run their applications on different devices that have diverse hardware functionalities to observe the performance of their mobile app. 

Such procedures demand high energy and great patience from tester to primary concurrent experience across the platforms. 

However, Flutter provides cross-platform compatibility, and that means the framework takes all the burden from you to run the rigorous testing processes for your mobile app. 

You no longer have to worry if the working code for Android device would work the same way in iPhones too. With Flutter, it automatically develops the code that works on all the platforms of the smartphone.

  • Excellent Compatibility 

These days, the platforms and devices are updated frequently. Developers have to ensure that their application is also compatible with relatively old smartphone devices to get maximum user coverage. 

Either they have to maintain a heavy mobile app that is supported by almost all the devices, or they have to roll-out different files for different devices and give the same experience. 

When it comes to Flutter, the framework will ensure that your mobile apps’ layouts are the same even for the old smartphone devices. Meaning, your app would look same on Android Jellybean or iOS8 compared to updated operating systems. 


Along with its easy use and distinctive architecture, Flutter has an active community and reliable support from where you can get immediate help for your mobile application needs. 

If you wish to try flutter from a professional flutter mobile app developer, do not hesitate to get in touch with us.