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Why Indore is most favorable destination for any commercial setup?

Why Indore is most favorable destination for any commercial setup?

Tuesday April 02, 2019,

5 min Read

Real Estate industry is growing with globalization and urbanization. The real estate is a source of solid money and the profit margin is quite high if you get to the root of the business. Real estate business shot high as the demand for office space along with house increased by leaps and bounds. In areas like Gurgaon, Noida and Pune there is a high demands for office spaces.

Indore is catching up high with the recent development of startups and commercialization in India and can be regarded as one of the prospectus tier II cities. Here the investors are increasing and the demand of real estate has shown positivity, consequently.

If you are think of starting your commercial setup in some tier 2 city, then let me tell you that Indore is good option. Here is how Indore is going to be good pick:

Known for the land from where most of the renowned cricketers have come, Indore is now marching forward to becoming one of the best suited places to get in to property business. The living standard in Indore is quite good compared to other cities in Madhya Pradesh. Often Indore is called the ‘Chota Bombay’.

This commercial capital of MP has also become an educational hub after it got IIM and IIT within its territory.

Another important thing that is required is infrastructure and connectivity for a city to develop as a commercially important center. Before you make a decision to zero on Indore wait a few minutes and read what I have to say. Be informed and aware before you dive into property dealing as it is said that being smart is always beneficial.

Here are some of the reasons that you need to look at for considering Indore as the best option:

Good Connectivity :

If you are thinking of Indore be sure of the transport network that is there. For different kind of business activities it is vital that the city has good road rail and air connectivity. Indore is good in that respect.

Super Corridor :

Super Corridor is a 250 ft wide road that is connecting the International airport with Major Road. Major Road is a budding place for all the MNC and companies like TCS and Infosys are setting up their campuses over there.

Construction of a new bypass route :

An eight lane road has been built which is has enabled direct communication between Bhopal and Indore.

Delhi Mumbai Industrial Corridor is near :

This corridor also comes within Madhya Pradesh by 1% and covers many cities in Madhya Pradesh which are all quite near to Indore. This places Indore at a good geographical and infrastructural location.

Education :

Indore is the only city in India that has both IIM and IIT. The property dealing here can also be used to generate business ideas in the education sector of Indore. There is great demand of ancillary products as a result of development of education industry here.

Stage of Development :

Indore is at its developing stage, and it is the best time to invest here. It’s always been the best thing to being the part of growth, Indore is a city which is developing with nominal spends not too fast not too slow. Investing at this stage is the best as the city is accepting the changes whole heartedly.If you are planning a startup in Indore this is the best time for it.

Potential Customers :

The thing which comes to our mind when we think of B-towns is the potential market, Indore city is little different from other B-towns as here you will get easy availability of goods and services. The market is very dynamic here, almost all inexpensive to international brands already have ventured here, which is a plus point.

Economic Zones :

Force Motors, M&M, Cipla, Lupin, Glenmark, Bridgestone, Volvo, Eicher Motors, and many other brands are operating in Indore. There are many IT brand that have started operating here. In short your real estate business cannot go wrong here. If you are unsure if the steps that are to be taken then get in touch with business consultants in Indore who are going to strengthen your steps in real estate industry.

Resource :

When we chose the place for business, we chose it on the basis of two categories “for work” and “for living”. If we talk about “for work”, you get easy availability of raw materials and other resources as, the Industrial hub of Madhya Pradesh Pithampura is in the closed periphery. This is not it, we need the place which is also good for living, and in Indore, you get a safe civic environment, especially for women, good hospitals, best schools and lots of options for enjoyment.

When we think of resources the first thought came in our mind is the regular power supply, here you seldom find shortage issues. 

Natural Calamities :

We do not really consider this aspect very seriously when we are buying property. But this is an important thing to be considered by wise business person. As the meteorological department has conferred that Indore has the lesser number of natural calamities compared to most of the cities in India, your properties are safer from that point. Although there is no guarantee which I think needs no clarification.

So, are you thinking of moving your focus from tier 1 cities to some tier 2 city for your upcoming venture? You may keep Indore at the top of preferable tier 2 cities list. You may start consulting with some business consultants in Indore, but only those who sell results and not the papers filled with jargon and abrupt charts.