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Why It Is Better to Update Your Website Pages Regularly for Better SEO Results

It is not sufficient to develop & design a website, but you also need to update its webpages time to time for the better SEO results. You get a number of benefits and new opportunities to make your website more perfect.

Why It Is Better to Update Your Website Pages Regularly for Better SEO Results

Tuesday January 22, 2019,

7 min Read

Update you website

There is no doubt that updating the website time to time is necessary and is a ranking factor for the search results on Google and other search engines. Regular inclusion of fresh content impresses the visitors plus ensures the search engines that your website is active.

According to market expert Mr. Neil Patel, “To increase the effectiveness of your SEO efforts and boost your search engine traffic, you can just update your old content and give yourself an improved freshness score.” “When you tell Google your content is new, you’ll get a spike in traffic that will make the tiny amount of work required well worth it.”

So, it is quite clear that it is necessary for you to keep the website updated in order to get better results. Now, let’s do the detailed analysis of why it is important to update the website pages from time to time for the better SEO results.

1.       Fresh Content Results in Frequent Indexing

Search engines use the web crawlers, which index your website on different algorithmic factors. Each time when you update your website, the search engines take the notice and rearrange the ranking of your website.

If your website comprises the old content, some other websites with fresh content may come above your site in the search engine ranking.

It is also a known fact that Google likes fresh content. The content that is published recently gets higher ranking especially for the topics, which are changed frequently.

2.       Fresh Content Increases Your Authority

More you write on a subject with great content more become your stronger authority, and the people start trusting in you. Updating your pages regularly increase your authority in your industry.

3.       Fresh Content Improves Your Click-Through Rate

When you search a term on Google, you find that the top results are usually published in the past year. The content that was relevant a few years ago may not be right now.

For example, when you will search for some information on Google, you will definitely trust more on that is added in 2017, instead of the information added in 2010. In the same way, the visitors who are looking for the products or services you deal in, they will like to trust the updated websites. If your competitor’s website has the new content and your website has still the old one, your competitor’s website may get more clicks and traffic as compared to yours.

It is a very important aspect because Google will probably rank the website higher, which gets more clicks.

4.       You Get the Chance to Fix the Mistakes

When you read the old content, you often find some grammar, spelling of fact-related mistakes, which require urgent attention. By regular updating, you find a chance to do that. It will not be wrong to say that you must get some time to fix the errors.

On one hand, it will update your website content; on the other hand, it will improve the user experience. The user experience plays a vital role in the ranking directly or indirectly.

 Tim Soulo at Ahrefs decided to make the minor changes, most of which included the grammar errors, and the traffic of his page was increased by 468%.

5.       It Improves Your Content Accuracy

Google is unquestionably centered around the user experience; therefore, by updating the content, you get an opportunity to improve your content accuracy.

Every time when you start working on the content of your website, you find something that you can make more accurate, which results in better user experience. Moreover, your information is also updated from time to time without any doubt, and the update you made in the website content gives you the chance to update the content.

6.       You Get Chance to Add Content according to Market Needs

As mentioned above also, the content that was relevant a few years ago, may not be relevant today. With the growth of the market, the demands and queries of people also change oftentimes.

Moreover, your competitors may add the content to their websites, which are more appealing to the visitors. So, you may need to write more appealing content in order to compete with them.

When you keep on updating the content keeping all these requirements in mind, you give a better experience to the visitors, which may positively impact your website ranking.

7.       Website’s Value Is Increased by Removing Broken Links and Linking to New Resources

There is no doubt that broken links are the most frustrating parts of a website for the visitors and they give bad ranking to your website. Sometimes, you add the helpful resources to your website via links, but the original article is not found any more now. It happens when the URL has been changed, or the website has been shut down.

So, you remove the broken links while updating the website. Before starting updating the website, you can check the broken links easily with online Broken Link Checker instead of clicking each link.

In addition to this, you can add the new resources on your website. These newer resources can either be added at the places of the old broken links or at other places on your web pages wherever you find them suitable.

You need to add the link of the best resources on the web, plus you can also provide the links to your own resources.

It will also be a wonderful idea to add call-to-action, wherever you find it relevant according to the new content.

8.       You Also Get Opportunity to Add the New Age Multimedia Content

Presence of multimedia stuff on the web has been increased a lot in the past few years, and websites can get its benefits with changing technologies when they go for the regular updates.

As a matter of the fact, the content online becomes more diverse and special privilege is placed on new graphics content such as video, infographics, images etc.

9.       You Can Do Optimization for the Right Keywords

There is nothing surprising if you haven’t done proper keyword research when you published your original posts, or you didn’t know the right way to do this. When you go for updating the website after regular intervals, you can add the new keywords, which are searched most to the internet users.

Moreover, the new phrases may be in the trend for the products, which keep on changing frequently or after short intervals, and you can do the appropriate changes for the trend.

10.   You Can Fix the Issues with Recent Google Updates

It is not a secret anymore that Google has launched a number of updates to give chance to the deserving websites to be visible in the search results. When some algorithm update is launched, a number of websites are penalized.

While updating the content, you can fix the issues with your website in the latest updates.

What to Do to Update Your Website

A number of companies update the entire content by adding new content. It can be done occasionally, but may not be comfortable after regular intervals. According to Mr. Neil Patel, “Instead, you can make updates to your old content. It takes less work and delivers faster results.” You can do a lot of things to update the content. The benefits mentioned also give you an idea about what to do with the old content. The ideas in brief include:

•        Fix the mistakes.

•        Increase content accuracy.

•        Add new content according to market needs.

•        Remove the old broken links.

•        Add the newer resources.

•        Add new multimedia content.

•        Optimize for the right keywords.

•        Fix the issues with recent Google updates.


So, there is no doubt that updating the content time to time has a number of benefits. The content update can be suggested when you give the SEO project for your website to a digital marketing company. We also have a team of digital marketing experts who can accomplish the SEO and other associated digital marketing procedures for you. You can contact us when you have any such requirement.