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Why Should E-commerce Developer choose Prestashop for Shopping Portal?

Why Should E-commerce Developer choose Prestashop for Shopping Portal?

Wednesday March 27, 2019,

6 min Read

Prestashop is one of the one of the popular freemium, open source e-commerce solution. It was first released in July 2008 by Bruno Leveque and Igor Schlumberger.  It's a PHP written software which supports MySQL database management system. It’s available in 50 plus different languages and offers a fully scalable open source e-commerce solution. The latest version of Prestashop v1. 6 offers many new features and integration. It boosts 3.0 and provides with the user-friendly interface.

With Prestashop, e-commerce has eliminated the limitation of time and distance to buy or sell goods. This platform gives businesses a new approach with immense success and benefits. Using  Prestashop consumer can find the products they require in the comfort of their home.

Prestashop comes with a powerful set of features which empowers the e-commerce website development. Without further ado, here we have listed some of the most prominent reasons for you to choose PrestaShop.

1. Customization: - Prestashop is one of the most developer friendly software. It's a perfect solution for all your customization requirements.  By using this platform you can add desired features in your website and implement something innovative to grab the customers attention, Or else you can hire e-commerce application developer.   It provides with the advantage of adding modules and make your website versatile and rank high. Expand your online shop based on usability and customer preference by utilizing all the resources and make full use of attractive themes and plugins.

2. Offers Cost-free Solutions: - PrestaShop is an ideal platform for shopping sites despite the size of the business. Its high-quality add-ons come with zero investment. It mitigates the financial burden and allows business to grow using freemium services. There is no charge to create a PrestaShop account. It's absolutely free and provides with great quality of add ons and other services.

3. Multifaceted Platform: - Create a multi-faceted platform and allow the customer to experience effortless services. It provides seamless communication and effective e-commerce website development. This platform allows you to manage unlimited product category while guaranteeing business growth. Manage your site with ease using PrestaShop and allow people to use your site again and again.

4. Better Control Over Online Offering: - Prestashop provides complete control over product and product categories. It allows you to manage various products with ease and give the user access to hassle-free shopping. With PrestaShop, you can have complete control over your online offering and discounted products. Its product management module helps you manage all the products and provides with complete control over products and products without shipping cost.

5. Great Marketing Platform: - Prestashop marketing module is one of the most lucrative modules which helps a lot of medium and small size business. It not only helps you promote your product but also build your brand reputation. It helps in increasing your brand visibility and enhance your overall performance. It helps you integrate your website using social media platforms. It helps you maximize your customer number and increase revenue.

6. Instant Update with Latest Development: - Prestashop allows the developers to quickly update the latest version of add-ons. Just after getting the update you can simply download new updates and can implement it in your website. It will help you meet user expectations and will allow you to grab audience attention with the latest trends and technologies.

7. Ease of Setting Up and Maintaining Online: - Prestashop is easy to use and provides with great comfort. It simplifies the complete process and helps in clutter all the complexities. To set up PrestaShop one doesn't need any developer it can set up by an individual with ease.

There are many more reasons to choose Prestashop as it provides with ease of portability and considerably reduce your website development cost. It helps in increasing your website traffic and gets the full return on investment.

Lucrative Add-Ons of Prestashop

1. Prestashop Payment Gateways: - Prestashop provides with all in one payment option and comes with default payment gateways. PrestaShop development services offer e-commerce platforms with easy ways to accept the payment and allow customers to make payment in different ways.

2. Prestashop Social Media: - Social media is one of the most popular and cost-effective digital marketing tool which helps in increasing brand recognition and benefit you are getting the targeted audience attention.

3. Prestashop Backup Add-ons: - Secure your content with Prestashop backup add-ons.  They give you the option to schedule your backup with utmost safety. It ensures that your data is saved and can easily be restored when required.

4. Prestashop SEO Add-ons: - Optimize your online store with Prestashop SEO add-ons for better visibility and a good number of customer base. It helps your website to come on top of the search result page.

5. Prestashop Security Add-ons: - Increase your website security with the most advanced security add-ons as security is a huge concern. It helps online stores to keep their website secure and protected from fraudulent activities.

These must have add-ons help you make your online store successful and achieve immense growth. It supports a small, medium and large business. Consider installing all these add-ons in your Prestashop store and reduce the uncertainties for buyers.

Prestashop Services

Prestashop provides with a comprehensive range of services while delivering high-quality online store. Here we have listed some of the best services it renders to users.

  1. Prestashop Development Services provides hundreds of templates to develop e-commerce website with ease.  
  2. Prestashop is accessible to download from Prestashop website.
  3. Prestashop is the ultimate choice to enhance the e-commerce platform with essential functionality.
  4. Prestashop is easy and user-friendly, therefore it's considered as a go-to platform for people.
  5. Prestashop performance is unbeatable with great support.
  6. Prestashop supports a small, medium and large business efficiently and provides with seamless communication between individuals.
  7. Prestashop comes in two editions, one is a cloud-based e-commerce system and another is a download platform.
  8. The PrestaShop platform is designed to provide with robust security.
  9. Prestashop multi-lingual support cuts across geographical barriers and supports approx 45 languages.


With incredible features and functionalities, Prestashop is loved by thousands. It offers great online experience and provides digital markets with the effortless market. It comes with a user guide which makes it easy for beginners to build and manage an online store. All the features, add-on modules, and services offer a great platform altogether for your shopping site and provide with the great user experience. With BR Softech you can covert your e-commerce idea into reality and get a complete solution using PrestaShop. BR Softech is one of the leading Software Development Company. We provide the best PrestaShop developer for a more customer-centric experience.