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Why the Dedicated Server Price in India is Not Expensive?

Why the Dedicated Server Price in India is Not Expensive?

Monday January 28, 2019,

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People, often, get deterred by the dedicated server price in India and fail to upgrade their website server, even at times the traffic demands. This results in poor performance and low productivity. Like many others they too think it is very expensive about their business cannot afford it. Some businesses went ahead in confidence and are today successfully placed in their industry.

A variety of plans

The top web hosting providers in India offer dedicated server plans in different ranges. If your business is small and growing, you may start with a low resource package and keep upgrading to a superior plan as traffic increases. You must immediately move away from a shared plan when you find that your page load is taking more time than it was earlier. This happens because there are more requests than what your server can handle. It is important that you consider the high price of a dedicated server as an investment rather than worry over it. For the dedicated server price in India that you are paying, you are buying quality, reliability, security, and performance while giving your visitor a fast and responsive experience.

Are dedicated servers expensive? No

Till a few years back, yes, the dedicated servers were very highly priced. However, like with several other products, with improvement in technology and the increase in competition, the dedicated server price in India has come down and become far more affordable. They are higher in price than the other hosting platforms but when you do a comparison in plans, you will understand its value.

You have the control

As the name suggests, the server is entirely dedicated for your website. You can configure it in any manner, customize it with your own applications, choose the hardware you are comfortable with. You can host any number of websites. 

Dedicated Server

You don’t share the server

The biggest advantage of the dedicated server price in India is that you will be taking the complete server for your businesses. You have the power to use it for any purpose. Nobody will be sharing the resources or can cause any disturbance to you like in shared hosting. Risks of a neighbor drawing more resources and pulling your business down are not there with a dedicated machine.

Don’t compromise with a VPS

There is a general misconception that VPS servers are the same as dedicated server. This is not correct. VPS servers are built on the virtualization technology while the dedicated server is a bare metal server. In VPS, you get a portion of the server and not the complete server. There are other websites that are housed on the server along with your website. VPS is lower in cost because of the sharing in space and resources. In dedicated server, the client has 100% of everything- bandwidth, CPU, RAM and other resources.

What you require:

When you pay the dedicated server price in India your host must commit to a minimum of 99.95% network uptime and low latency. You require 24/7 technical support over every communication channels. Choose providers who have their data centers close to your target audience.

The best hosting companies house your servers in a secure tier 3 data center environment where there are 24/7 security and CCTV monitoring. Biometric scanners are installed to restrict entry to intruders. The servers are robustly built with firewalls, anti-malware filters, and antivirus scanners. 

Difference in plan costs

The dedicated server price in India can change slightly when you choose the Windows operating system. Windows is a Microsoft owned commercially sold software and users must pay a license fee. The fee amount is added to the plan that you chose making Windows more expensive than the Linux servers.