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Why Your Business Needs A Mobile App

Why Your Business Needs A Mobile App

Thursday October 17, 2019,

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Mobile App Development For Businesses

Whether you have just started your business, or are a big name in the marketplace – launching a mobile app can do wonders for you. The last two years have seen incredible growth in smartphone users, incredibly.

A recent study highlights that almost 81% of the users generally conduct an online search for a product or service.

While having a website today is a must; the businesses dealing in selling products would find having an app even beneficial. Oracle and Mobile Smith have already researched that almost over 60% of users prefer mobile applications over websites for online shopping. Mobile applications have become essential for the survival of the fittest. They are convenient, simple, and attract the maximum audience.

Why Your Business Needs a Mobile App

One crucial reason why a business needs to develop a mobile application is that apps use powerful backends that assist in delivering a seamless user experience for users by performing faster functions on front-end. Below are some of the significant advantages of launching a mobile app:

Visibility and Recognition

The target audience is the most critical part of a business. Once it has been established, a brand needs to spread awareness about its products and services. While a website is the best solution for creating awareness, an app goes a step ahead to make sales. Since users prefer browsing on mobile apps than websites, apps can help pave the communication road between the customers and the brand.

Through an app, businesses can send dedicated push notifications, reminders, updates of their services and new schemes. Apps also collect location data that helps brands in creating location-wise schemes for customers. The app-notifications play a huge part in building customer loyalty as they start recognizing the brand.

Customer Interaction and Engagement

Mobile apps have changed the scenario for providing customer service. Customers want only one thing – brands being at their beck and call. If a business is not reachable when a customer needs them, it can lose the customer. Hence, a mobile application is a great way to enhance customer satisfaction. Customers can get instant information about the products or services they want to avail of. 

Communication from customers to a business is as important as from business to customers. Mobile apps are capable of creating a two-way interaction; hence increasing engagement. Today, brands are developing apps that are focused on habituating their customers. They develop such features that mirror their daily habits and tasks – encouraging them to make a habit of it. It simplifies accessibility and also helps in improving user engagement.

Robust Marketing Strategies

Mobile apps are a great gateway to develop powerful marketing strategies by collecting valuable data. Apps have many functions, features, fill-in forms, search features, news, accounts; that are capable of providing full-fledged information. Apart from that, the number of times an app is downloaded, its usefulness, and their feedback also give an in-depth knowledge about the audience.

Also, mobile apps can track the buying behavior of customers through its analytics feature. With all this information, it gets easier to analyze all the critical data that includes demographics, customer retention, total visitors, etc. Thus, an app serves as a direct marketing channel to the customer base by providing you the capability of determining suitable marketing strategies.

Boosts Customer Retention and ROI

Customer satisfaction is directly proportional to increased sales and a study almost proves it true. Almost 70% of online shoppers are encouraged to buy something only if they feel they are satisfied with how a brand treats them. Consumer demand will grow only when they are attracted and satisfied by a product or service. And if brands are offering services that customers are unable to get enough, they can become your long-lasting and return customers. Hence, an app is a perfect way to keep your customers coming back. An app alongside a website is a surefire way to increase business sales in the long run.

Personalized Content and Features

The biggest advantage of mobile apps is probably that customers get personalized content exclusively catered for them for an immersive experience. Brands ensure that the content for their users is tailored according to their tastes, location, preferences, and of course intent. Apps keep collecting user data since the time they first set their preferences. Brands keep on customizing data accordingly, observe engagement level, behavior, and then offer recommendations on a real-time basis.

Apart from that, apps let brands use codes to develop different native features. Thus, apps let customers use features like Camera, Bar codes, NFC, GPS, fingerprint scan, accelerometer and many others for making transactions and other purposes. These features can significantly shorten the time for performing various actions bringing about a change in the user interaction.

Enhanced SEO Potential

Apps have a great potential to enhance the search engine rankings for both your website and app. The content used on both platforms is synonymous with each other as the brand would be selling similar products and services. Apart from the websites, Google also ranks apps that are optimized with original and unique content. That content can be also modified to make it similar to the website content and rank it higher.

Plus, an app can be optimized according to different app stores, that will enable you to reach higher rankings. You can also include different Dynamic Success Metrics to ensure that optimizing your app becomes successful. The SEO tactics can help your business app stand out in the crowd before your competitors come to know about it. 

Final Thoughts

In today’s age, having a mobile app can be the best alternative to build a strong and secure market presence; and also help in keeping your business updated with the latest innovation. Your audience will be able to differentiate your brand among others. On top of all that, they can avail of your services anytime they want. Mobile apps offer unmatched convenience and unique quotient for selling and promoting your products and services. Moreover, when customers download, share and provide ratings for your app, it offers a living proof that they enjoy the services that are offered to them. A loyal customer base would always encourage a brand to keep improving its services for the better.