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5 YouTube Marketing Ideas To Be Tested In 2020

5 YouTube Marketing Ideas To Be Tested In 2020

Thursday August 20, 2020,

5 min Read

Video Marketing is dominating

Video is nothing new. It has been one of the most popular strategies of engaging consumers. Brands promoting themselves on the web are increasingly leaning towards videos that are more attractive to the customers than text content. With millions of people watching videos every day, YouTube is, without a doubt, a star platform for uploading and promoting your business.

To effective your marketing efforts on YouTube, you have to follow several strategies to get viewers interested in watching your videos. If you can just follow a few guidelines, such as making a fun or informative video, putting out videos in an orderly fashion, using social marketing in conjunction with YouTube marketing, and asking viewers to participate, you will greatly increase the sales power.

Take your great opportunity to stay ahead of the competition and show something new before it becomes the norm. Below I have prepared some tips to help you take advantage of YouTube marketing especially in 2020.

1.  Create a good title

Although it may seem obvious, a good title is the best way to attract audience. The title is the first thing (how to add subtitles to a video is another story) a customer will read before deciding whether to watch the video. You need to create good titles that attract attention, have glue to the audience and generate curiosity.

In addition, you must include keywords so that YouTube can position the video correctly and be found by the target audience. Make sure the length is about 70 characters and includes a capital letter to highlight what is important.

2.  Optimize your video descriptions

This is a very important section and determines the position and visibility that your video deserves compared to competitors. In case you didn't know, the description is what YouTube robots read to know and classify your content. Depending on its theme.

Here is a summary of more than 300 words from what you said in the video, including keywords that you think your audience is looking for on YouTube to find content like yours. Also, if you have a blog or a site, is where you can place your link to redirect traffic to them.

3.  The importance of labels

Did you know that if you choose the right tags for your videos, you could appear as content related to other more popular materials?

In this regard, what you need to do is try to find out which tags have the most popular videos similar to yours. How? Go to a video that discusses the same thing and has many visits, right-click anywhere on the page and click "View source".

You'll get a small window at the top right if you use Chrome or below and at the left if you use Firefox. Enter "keywords," and the browser will show you the keywords and tags that the person used to upload the video.

4.  Creativity is the key

Consumers today are the recipients of a huge amount of content every day. When managing a company, you should be aware that your advertisement is one of thousands of others flooding the life of the average consumer.

Therefore, the key to success is to use creativity as a tool that will enable you to stand out from the crowd. Traditional advertising litter the market and users are tired of the same content repeatedly. Therefore, look for alternative solutions that will make your videos popular and perceived positively.

How to edit videos?

An original and beautiful way to present your photos taken at an event, party or holiday is a slideshow, i.e. a video created from pictures, to which you can add writing, special effects and music in the background.

To create a slideshow you need a good video and music program and, fortunately, there are many free alternatives, so you can create your own video without spending any money.

·        MiniTool MovieMaker

·        4K Slideshow Maker

·        DVD Slideshow GUI

·        ffDiaporama

·        PhotoFilmStrip

Of course, you need to spend some time on video editing, but the effects of learning from scratch can be seen very quickly.

5.  Length does matter

Watching videos, especially on cell phones, used to be a big challenge. If you want to publish a video on YouTube, consider its length. Consumers will be able to focus their attention for 2-3 minutes maximum. If you want to add value to your video and at the same time stay on such short notice, you need to focus on what matters most. 

It is best to present a short content, while choosing one goal - this way you will achieve success in establishing a relationship with the customers.

Let’s summarize

Video is and will certainly be one of the main pillars of marketing campaigns. YouTube make it easier for you to create and upload videos, and live streaming is becoming more and more popular. To remain a major player in the e-marketing world, remember that video is no longer a luxury but a requirement.

Now that you know how YouTube video marketing works, you should make the most of the technological possibilities and make the videos easy both view and consume for 2020 and beyond.