Gautam Raj Anand

An entrepreneur with a connect with GenZ India, his startup monitors all kinds of rollouts and sprints. The podcast king turns his expertise on how content can pave the way for growth stories, from scratch.
At a very young age, Gautam found his own personal and professional salvation in audio content. He practices what he preaches, and consumes audio content for more than 14 hours a day. While eating, driving or during daily chores, his pillowcase always has a set of speakers. The ease and simplicity of audio content consumption incrementally led to the creation of India’s largest podcasting and audio on-demand company for Gautam. The Mumbai-born lad who grew up in New Delhi, graduated from Shri Ram School after which he went on to pursue an Economics Honours at Delhi University. Barclays Bank PLC came next where he was a senior risk analyst. This cemented his decision to start Hubhopper as a platform that works towards making the consumption of online audio content as easy as possible. He has been recognised as a member of the Forbes 30 Under 30 in Asia for media and technology (batch of 2018) and has been nominated on the Economic Times 40 Under 40 list. Under Gautam’s leadership, Hubhopper has grown massively and has been widely recognised for innovative leaps resolving the diverse problems pervading the online content creation and distribution industry. He was also awarded Entrepreneur of the Year for 2018 by Entrepreneur Magazine. Three years into the creation of Hubhopper, it now stands as India’s largest platform of its kind with over a million hours of audio content spread across 15 vernacular languages and 8 consumer and creator centric products and services.