Roopa Kudva

Empowering the next half billion
Roopa Kudva, in her career spanning over nearly three decades, has held many a key role, including those entailing leadership functions. She was, in fact, the CEO & MD of Crisil, India’s leading analytical and research company, for close to seven years. She led Crisil’s evolution from a leading Indian rating agency to a diversified global analytical company, with clients ranging from the largest investment banks of the world to tens of thousands of small businesses spread across India. While the time at Crisil provided Roopa with rich exposure to a wide range of industries, she wanted to be able to bring about a larger societal impact. At the age of 50, Roopa Kudva made her move to Omidyar Network, a US-based investment firm. As the Partner and Managing Director of Omidyar Network, she is responsible for the firm’s overall investment strategy, operations and portfolio development. This is in addition to her role as member of various boards in corporates like Infosys, Nestle, and Tata AIA Life Insurance Co.


Awards and Recognitions
YourStory’s 100 Emerging Voices of 2019
With a background in operations, portfolio management, and business and strategies, and a vast experience as a member of several policy-level committees relating to the Indian financial system, Roopa Kudva has an expert’s view of the Indian financial services sector. In her insightful opinion pieces, the Managing Director of Omidyar Network has spotlighted many an issue plaguing the financial lives of Indians, especially the ones comprising the “next half billion”. From accessing the multitude of factors limiting MSMEs potential as a powerful growth engine for the Indian economy to providing an insight into the usage of formal financial services, her writings have covered the length and breadth of the sector. An outspoken champion of women entrepreneurship, Roopa has spoken boldly on the various challenges blocking the rise of women in leadership roles. In her opinion, women still hesitate to ask for a seat at the table. She believes, if women can deal with self-belief (or its lack) in doing the top jobs, there’s nothing stopping them from climbing the ladder of success.