Meet June Rose Vaphie, who is educating underprivileged children with her organic soap venture

Hailing from Manipur, June Rose Vaphie, a social worker-cum-entrepreneur, is supporting the education of orphaned children through her organic soap venture since 2017.

Meet June Rose Vaphie, who is educating underprivileged children with her organic soap venture

Thursday October 31, 2019,

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Despite the widespread awareness that education plays an important role in a country’s progress, a number of India’s youth have little access to it even in this day and age. The reasons for this limited access to a central pillar of development vary — from inadequate resources such as school infrastructure to restricted socio-economic lives in the inaccessible and remote parts of the country.

However, individuals like June Rose Vaphie from Manipur are striving to do their bit to make things better. June, a social worker and an entrepreneur, has been working to provide education to orphaned children, especially those from a weak financial background.

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June Rose Vaphie (Image: ANI)

June is doing this through her organic soap-making business that she started back in 2017. She makes the soap bars from natural oil extracts, extracts of fruits, and herb extracts such as lemon, rose, and aloe vera. Sold under the brand Luxury Soothe handmade soaps, her soaps are priced at Rs 150–250 per piece and come in different shapes, sizes, and fragrances.

June states that she started soap-making as commercial soaps with chemicals were not good for her skin.

According to Laughing Colours, June has taken her products to various social media platforms to market them and they have gained instant popularity. Whatever June earns from this business is channelled as contributions for the education of orphaned children.

Speaking to ANI, June, said,

“I see lots of poor intelligent people, especially children who cannot go to schools as parents cannot afford their education. I am doing my bit with my own pocket money in helping those children for their education.”

The urge to give back to society is not a recent one for June. Ever since she graduated from GP Women College in 1989, she has been interested in serving society, especially women. Her interest in contributing to the welfare of the society also led her to become an associate of the State Women Commission. As part of her work with the statutory body, she has helped families and children deprived of their rights.

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