This Siliguri college’s app is helping doctors manage their COVID-19 patients

Siliguri-based Inspiria Knowledge Campus has launched an invite-only app for doctors to help them manage the data of their COVID-19 patients.

The second wave of the COVID-19 pandemic has added immense pressure on India’s healthcare sector, especially doctors and nurses. 

Now, our doctors are working overtime and handling even more patients, which can lead to the problem of data mismanagement.  

Atul Gupta, Managing Trustee at Inspiria Knowledge Campus [Image Credit: Inspiria Knowledge Campus]

Upon learning about this problem and after receiving a few requests from doctors, Siliguri-based management college Inspiria Knowledge Campus launched invite-only mobile application Incov to help doctors manage their patients better.

Speaking with YourStory, Atul Gupta, Managing Trustee at Inspiria Knowledge Campus, explains that treating COVID-19 patients is a long process — 14 to 15 days — and patients may also need four to five follow-up consultations. 

“Several COVID-19 cases are also being treated and handled remotely over calls or WhatsApp. Due to this, it becomes difficult for the doctors to keep a tab on every patient’s data. Incov will help doctors store patient information and access it with a few clicks,” he adds.

[Image Credit: Inspiria Knowledge Campus]

Manage COVID-19 patients

According to Atul, the app, built by the college’s Department of Computer Applications, was mainly built to help doctors manage COVID-19 patients they are treating remotely. It stores information about symptoms, prescribed medicines, and treatment. He also clarified that the data is securely stored in the app can only be accessed by the doctors in charge.

Launched earlier this month, Incov is an invite-only app, currently being used by more than 55 doctors. Doctors who are interested to use it will need to write an email to the team at to get access. 

“The app can now accommodate up to 25,000 doctors. If we have to scale it to include more doctors, the app will need to be rebuilt,” says Atul.

He adds that Incov is currently completely free and its usage has not been monetised in any other manner, saying, “it will always remain free for the doctors.”

Going forward, the institute might also consider building a health monitoring solution for COVID-19 patients to monitor their own health and symptoms.

Edited by Saheli Sen Gupta


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