Ethereum scaling solution Polygon, upskilling startup AlmaBetter partner to enable Web 3.0 education in India

Polygon and AlmaBetter's 28-weeks programme aims to train over one lakh students by the end of March 2023.

Ethereum scaling project Polygon on Thursday announced its partnership with tech upskilling startup AlmaBetter to offer blockchain and Web 3.0 development courses.

The collaborative programme aims to assist young professionals, and AlmaBetter plans to utilise Polygon's resources to produce training modules for its students to establish a foothold in the rapidly increasing Web 3.0 upskilling sector.

Shivam Dutta, Co-founder and CEO of AlmaBetter, said, “Polygon are the leaders in the space to provide an impetus to opportunities for Web 3.0 enthusiasts in India. This association will enable quality offerings through this programme catering to current industry needs. Polygon’s hiring will also make it exciting and encouraging for the students and contribute to the ecosystem.”

The collaborative programme aims to train over one lakh students by the end of March 2023. The 28-weeks programme will also include basic programming, system design, cloud services, and blockchain technology.

Siraj Raval, Head of Developer Education, Polygon, said, “With over 7,000 companies building on top of Polygon, there is a tremendous demand for blockchain developers, and this partnership will help us scale the ecosystem in a quick span of time.”

The curriculum consists of five modules, including Programming Web with Basic Javascript, Frontend Development, Backend Development, System Design, and Architecture, with the last module being Web 3.0 Blockchain Technology.

The course is open to everyone, and those with no prior experience in blockchain or Web 3.0 space are encouraged to enrol. The startup deploys a pay-after-placement model, which means students who complete the programme will be placed.

The startup intends to reward the top performers with the $MATIC coins. Recently, Polygon introduced a job board to post job openings for coders and developers.

Edited by Suman Singh


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