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Hot and happening in 2019: the experts speak

Hot and happening in 2019: the experts speak

Friday January 11, 2019,

5 min Read

What to wear and how to eat: experts tell us what will be hot and happening in 2019

Wondering how to make the year bigger and better? Here are some tips to get you started.

As we stand at the threshold of a new year, it is a good time to update our wardrobes, perk up our style vocabulary, brush up on new ways of doing up our homes, and amp up our diets. Here’s the latest on what’s trending on the lifestyle scene from some of the best people in their trade.

Global lifestyle trends are all set to change
Global lifestyle trends are all set to change

Back to ethnic roots

The biggest trend of 2019 will be the revival of the beautiful, traditional textiles of India. Many of the top designers in India are working with khadi to make it an internationally renowned product. “Many Indian brides will soon be wearing khadi silk on their special days,” says Prasad Bidapa, fashion consultant. “Block printing and Bandhini ‘tie and dye’ techniques are also finding a place in the latest trends. Younger women are rediscovering the beauty of heritage woven sarees like the Kancheevaram cotton, Kota, Benares and the great Ikats of India. Printed muslin sarees in indigo will be worn in different styles, right from draping the saree over a pair of jeans or wearing a saree with a tunic.”

Men, too, are rediscovering their ethnic roots. Block-printed shirts will be big this summer and kurtas with vibrant prints will be teamed with plain khadi pants and a scarf. Shorter kurtas will be worn with suits.

“I am extremely happy that we have realised the value of our unique handlooms,” says Prasad. “Only India has this art still thriving. Make sure at least a part of your wardrobe reflects the beautiful heritage of India.”

Curly and proud

Curly hair is making a comeback
Curly hair is making a comeback

In the world of beauty, the “Curly Girl Movement” will be very popular in 2019. This trend, which began in the African-American community, has made its way across countries and ethnicities and will be very popular this year.

Several blogs and Facebook pages are already embracing and showcasing curly tresses of Indian women, and delve into how best to maintain them. “Most Indian women have a naturally curly hair texture, and for the longest time it hasn’t been seen as a mark of beauty,” says Priya Abhishek Joseph, a makeup artist based in Kochi. “However, in the previous years, a number of women have come out on Instagram, embracing their curly hair. With the right choice of natural products, women can give their hair definition and love their natural hair this year. There are new treatments that will reduce frizz and enable the pattern of your curls to reveal itself.”

Korean skincare products will take top spot in the beauty arena. Bespoke skincare, where products are customised for you, will also become very trendy across the world.

Home is where the heart is

Minimalism is out and maximum style is trendy this year
Minimalism is out and maximum style is trendy this year

According to experts in the field of interior décor, minimalism is out and maximum style is in. “We’re talking rich hues and ornamentation, not only for they eyes, but the soul as well,” says Shailja Awasthi, Co-founder of Stories Design Studio. People are now going for elaborate designs and splendid styles in interior decoration.

“The monotony of a room will be broken by deliberately pairing contrasting pieces,” she explains. “For example, a heavy stone dining table can be teamed with light rattan chairs. This looks both gorgeous and sophisticated.”

Natural stone, terrazzo, quartz and other natural materials will be very popular this year. Metals like gold will accentuate wood.

“Antique pieces will be back in demand. Right from old Victorian chairs to huge metallic clocks, old still remains gold,” she adds.

As for paints and varnishes, there will be a surge in the use of calming palettes. Tribal designs will replace geometric shapes.

“The year is all about expressing yourself,” says Shailja. “Be it existing furniture, art, photos, childhood or travel memories, it will be all about creating a house that describes you the best.”

Butter gets bigger

Bulletproof coffee is the new health drink
Bulletproof coffee is the new health drink

When it comes to diets, this will be the year of trying out interesting foods for weight management.

Butter gets bigger with the Bulletproof coffee, made with a spoonful of ghee or butter will boost your metabolism and keep you full for a long time.

Almond milk has a new competitor this year. Oat milk, which is high in protein, low in fat and has both flavour and nutrition will take its place as the most nutritious alternative.

Cassava flour is now becoming the “gluten-free” version of wheat flour and is gaining momentum among dieters.

Despite these new foods, Dr Anju Sood, a nutritionist based in Bengaluru, believes that if you want to see a more lasting change in your weight this year, you need to include proteins, carbohydrates and fats in the right proportions in your diet.

The normal balance of food is when 60-70 percent of your energy is derived from the carbohydrates, 15-20 percent comes from the fat source, and 15-20 percent of the energy comes from the proteins. “Eat sensibly by focusing on your metabolic rate. Increasing the protein content in your body will help digestion, as it is the only ingredient that takes the longest to get digested in your body,” claims Anju.

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