Men in style: Here are seven fashion trends for the festive season

The festive season is here and besides the women, many men are also trying to find the right clothes for the occasion. Here are seven fashion tips for festive wear for men that will be trendy this year

Men in style: Here are seven fashion trends for the festive season

Monday October 26, 2020,

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The mild fragrance of autumn mixed with the October air marks the beginning of the festive season in India. Starting from the elaborate festivities of Navratri to the cracking Diwali celebrations, there is just no end to the excitement associated with this season.

Men's fashion

Most festivals begin with a shopping spree

This year celebrations are bound to be different, as people will mostly stay indoors, due to the social distancing norms. However, people are reinventing ways to celebrate the festival, even while staying indoors, and planning fewer celebrations and limited shopping for clothes.

Getting dressed up is the first thing that you do to get the celebrations started. From practical attire to classic styles, festive wear is now available in most stores and on online platforms too.

Let us find out some of the hottest festive fashion trends for men to help you ace your look for every ethnic wear-worthy occasion from now on, and also rock your selfie on Instagram.

Here are seven fashion trends for men that are on top of the popularity charts this season

Back to the Tees


T-shirts offer comfort and style

Comfort is the priority for most men now especially since most of them are working from home these days.

One of the most important things to remember while choosing a festive outfit is comfort, practicality and style.

men's fashion

A simple T-shirt can be accessorised to look festive

A smart, solid T-shirt is perfect if you want to blend style with comfort.

If your festive plans are basically about spending time at home, and relishing your festive delicacies, and looking super-stylish at the same time, nothing else can match the functionality and flair of a well-made T-shirt. 

White is Back

Men's fashion

White clothes are chic and stylish

The colour that was considered too plain and formal has now become the go-to choice for almost every party outfit now. White gives an outfit a subtle, yet chic vibe. What’s more, the versatility of white has no parallel.

Men can wear white in a variety of styles, like a short kurta or a longer one, kurtas with asymmetrical hems or button-ups. White attire is totally worth all the spilt chutney stains later.

Go for quirky prints

printed shirt

A printed shirt can be worn with blue jeans

Printed shirts are a must-have to transform your wardrobe into festive wear. Opt for printed shirts with bright tones and colourful prints and intricate patterns for the festive season.

Prints can add a perfect balance between tradition and style, making you stand out in a crowd. Pairing a printed shirt with navy blue chinos will add both colour and texture to your look.

Get ready for pastel power

Men's fashion

Pastel colours look festive on most men

There are moments when a soft pastel shade is just what you need, even if you enjoy wearing vibrant colours. These are the shades that never seem to go out of style for any reason and look good on any occasion.

They are easy to pull off and are non-fussy too. In order to look trendy, wear pastel colours with a dark coloured pair of trousers, white pants or jeans to create a stylish contrast.

Opt for a Nehru Jacket

A Nehru jacket is one of the timeless pieces in a man’s wardrobe, which in itself is a timeless fashion trend. It has the ability to spice up the simplest of clothes, and take you from a work meeting to a Diwali party at your friend’s place, looking dashing the whole time.

Classics for the win

mens fashion

The classics are timeless in their appeal

Nothing can match the classics when it comes to sheer style. No matter what you opt from the classics, from the eternal combination of black and white, or any colour from a monochromatic palette and wear it from head to toe, there is just no way that it can go wrong.

Find a flair for fusion

This festive opt for a fuss-free celebration by making fusion wear your go-to style. Fusion wear experience has changed from being drab to being open to numerous patterns and styles. Nowadays, ready-to-wear, fusion looks are the buzzwords in fashion this season. Go the "less is more" route if you want to nail any fusion wear attire.

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