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Spread the joy: Gifts to give your beloved sibling this Raksha Bandhan

Besides the tying of the traditional Rakhi thread, why not consider mini-meals bought from their favourite restaurant, an OTT subscription, Hair Spa treatment vouchers, sunglasses and cosmetic products or room décor items as gifting options for your beloved sibling this Raksha Bandhan.

Spread the joy: Gifts to give your beloved sibling this Raksha Bandhan

Monday August 03, 2020,

6 min Read

Raksha Bandhan is a time of honouring your siblings and loved ones. It is a time to celebrate the everlasting and priceless bonds in a family.

A traditionally Hindu, Sikh, and Jain ceremony that takes place in the Asian subcontinent, in India and several parts of Nepal, is one in which a sister shows a love to her younger or elder brother by tying a coloured thread/string known as a 'rakhi' with a special amulet design of their choosing.

The rakhi is said to be a symbol of protection and warding off evil from the good. Raksha Bandhan is translated from Sanskrit and means, ‘Bond, protection, obligation, and care.’

Raksha Bandhan

A sister feeds her brother a sweet after trying Rakhi.

In traditional times a sister would typically place a barley leaf or stem behind the ear of her brother. However, from the 20th century onwards this practice or ritual has been replaced by the ‘rakhi’ or holy thread.

The brother in turn shows his appreciation after the rakhi is tied around his wrist, by presenting to his elder or younger sister a gift of his choosing which he thinks she will appreciate the most. Thus, the sibling bond is strengthened with love, protection and selfless devotion.

In some households, where there is a single or only child, the rakhi may be presented to cousin brothers and sisters of the next of kin.

Celebrated every year on August 3rd, with the start of the new full moon, as per the lunar calendar, Raksha Bandhan is a time of great prosperity, health, and well-being for family members.

Although we might be separated from our siblings who are in various parts of the world, or in a different city amidst the COVID-19 pandemic, Raksha Bandhan will still be acknowledged and celebrated nevertheless, taking adequate safety precautions and remembering your loved ones on this very special day.

This Raksha Bandhan YS Weekender brings you 7 things you can gift your sibling which will leave them feeling thrilled to have you in their life.

A meal from their favourite restaurant

Why not order mini-bites or even a full course dinner from your sibling’s favourite restaurant and send it to them.

Since we are all under lockdown and we can’t dine out and experience the ambience and the thrill that comes with eating out, why not bring the restaurant to your brother and create the same vibe and feeling at home.

Rakhi Dinner.

Why not order your brothers favourite food amidst lockdown.

With Dunzo, Swiggy, and Zomato delivering food, you can choose from some of the best restaurants your city has to offer with a range of cuisines, from Indian, Italian, Chinese, Japanese, American, Mexican, or continental dishes, or whatever you know will pique their taste buds.

If your sibling is at home with you, decorate your dining table and set the mood for an enjoyable dinner and end your meal with a sumptuous homemade or store-bought dessert, that will leave everyone satiated and content.

Flowers, and a heartfelt note

Gift your sister a heartfelt note telling her how much it means to you to have her in your life, and express gratitude towards her for her love and support.

Ordering a bouquet of flowers, you know she will like, from roses to orchids to carnations is something you can surprise her with if she enjoys receiving flowers.

Flowers and a Note

Pen down a heartfelt note for your sibling.

Hair spa and grooming

Treat your loved one to an afternoon of pampering by gifting them a voucher to their favourite salon. There are a number of options to choose from, such as a simple haircut, colouring and styling to a hair spa.

For those who have sisters who love getting their nails done why not treat them to a manicure and pedicure, where they can sit back and relax, and come home with their nails painted in their favourite colours.

Hair Spa

Treat your sister to a pampering hair spa appointment.

Salons and beauty centers are all open and are still fully functional if the client takes effective safety measures.

OTT subscription

Since majority of us are working from home, one of the activities a lot of people enjoy doing in their free time is watching movies and TV shows.

As we all are in favour of OTT platforms, it’s the time to gift your sister a complete OTT subscription such as Alt Balaji and Sony Liv where she could be the owner herself and you could pay it later for the purchase with the help of LazyPay.

OTT Platform

Get your sibling an OTT subscription.

With this, she could easily binge her favourite shows and movies without asking for your password to access these films

For those who want to share a subscription with their siblings why not opt for a year-round online subscription to popular platforms such as Netflix, Hotstar, or even Amazon Prime.

Room décor

Rakhi gifts can be tricky but when she loves home décor items, you can never go wrong as there are multiple options on Flipkart, Amazon, Myntra and other platforms.

You can give her showpieces, sculptures, mirrors, candle holders, scented candles, string lights, photo frames, and dream catchers and even things like bookends or bookshelves if she is a reader.

Room Decor

Gift them some hanging lights, wall art, or book stoppers.

You can choose some amazing pieces that are useful and that easily match her personality and taste.

Accessories, makeup and eyewear

You can never go wrong with jewellery as this is something that your sister can wear on a daily basis and be constantly reminded of the bond you share.

Nykaa often has a lot of monthly sales where you can purchase stunning and affordable cosmetics and accessories for her.

Why don’t you get her a necklace or a beauty or skincare item she has expressed a longing for?


You can never go wrong with eyewear or makeup.

Eyewear is also a great gifting option, as it can be worn on numerous occasions, and protect your sibling from the harsh glare of the sun.

Amidst lockdown eyewear has also been trending and can be neatly paired with a facemask with funky prints. Eyewear of different styles, colours, and designs will be sure to make a lasting impression and a fashion statement.

Headset or Music Device

If your sibling is an absolute music lover, or workaholic who needs to use their cell phone or computer regularly for meetings and work-related calls, a headset or a pair of headphones would be a valuable purchase.


Get them a set of speakers or headphones.

There are a number of leading electronic online stores that you can purchase this from, that home deliver too.

A juke box or music player for their room is also something that you can also opt for during the times, if they just want to sit back, relax, and block out the noise from the world.

(Picture Credits: Shutterstock, With inputs from PayU Credit India)

Edited by Asha Chowdary