ENTRE-CON - The Entrepreneurs Conclave, an initiative in Pune

30th Jun 2010
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Introduction: The Entrepreneurs play a very important role and make commendable contribution for the development of the Nation and are the driving force of any economy. Many entrepreneurs have technical expertise about their business but usually they are not able to focus on certain important segment which plays a very significant role in growth and survival of the business. The “ENTRE-CON” will take up these issues and problems of young entrepreneurs and guide them on surviving in competitive markets. It will address the three basic areas in “ENTRE-CON”.

1. Finance

2. Branding / Marketing

3. Inner reengineering – stress management

Target Audience: Entrepreneurs / Business owners / Founders / Promoters / Free Lancers / Future Entrepreneur

Objective of conclave:

• Reduce the risk of financial errors in managerial decision making

• Discover the ins and outs of financial statements and what can and cannot be learned from them

• Gain the skills that will help you attract the right investors for your business.

• Learn how accounting and bookkeeping work

• How to maintain focus and energy at work place

• Increase your optimism about new projects and day to day situations

• Start your day with full of energy and enthusiasm, avoid tiredness and worn out.

• Learn and practice techniques of stress management.

• How to strategize your business branding?

• When and how to review your business branding media mix?


1. Finance for Entrepreneurs

· Financial projections

· accounting statements - balance sheet, profit and loss, cash flow

· breakeven analysis

· valuations

· sources of funding

Methodology - Presentation, Excel and Interactive question and answer session

Speaker: Mr.Amit Grover

Amit Grover, Founder, Nurture Talent Academy, India's 1st training institute for entrepreneurs (www.nurturetalent.com) is an IIT- IIM graduate and has previously worked with renowned companies like Infosys, Asian Paints and Onida. He is also a part of Mumbai Angels, a not for profit organization of investors and actively helps with funding and mentoring early stage companies.

2. Branding / Advertising and Marketing –

· Plan

· Organize

· review

Speaker: Mr. Sudhir Sharma

Sudhir Sharma is the founder and Chief executive of Indi Design. He believes “Brand is the Business” and not merely a function of marketing. Innovative business processes need to use design thinking to drive profits. Working with Owners and CEO’s, Sudhir has used his expertise in Design and experience in Business processes to lead assignments that shape the future of Industry.

Recipient of most promising entrepreneur of the year award - www.indidesign.in

3. Inner Reengineering-Stress Management

· Introduction on Stress

· Laughter

· Acupressure

· White Light Meditation

· Pranayam

Speaker: Mr.KMPS Nagpal

About Mr. KMPS Nagpal – IIT Mumbai Graduate and a successful industrialist. Director of Sumo Marketing and Managing Director of Guru Nanak Stress Relievers Pvt. Ltd., Mr. Nagpal is also a reiki master. His strengths include mind control, positive (auto) suggestions, pranayama and meditation. Mild mannered and compassionate, Nagpal is the fulcrum and the driving force of Bliss

Unlimited - www.blissunlimited.net

Date : 1st July, 2010, Thursday

Entre-con is organised by 360Degrees India, Pune, leading HR consulting and management firm.

Contact person - Mr Vivek Trivedi, Ph - 09604316077

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